Sunday, May 1, 2011

Simplicity 8331 view D, done for the third time

Yeah!  I actually finished sewing something today!  This is the third time I've made this bag. First time was the scissors bag, second time was the Santa bag, and third time is this one. The fabric is Alexander Henry "perfect pattern" fabric which I eeked out of half a yard of fabric purchased at Stitch Lab in Austin in March 2010.

I centered the front of the bag on the dress pattern piece...

Simplicity 8331 view D done
...and centered the back of the bag on the bustier pattern piece.

Simplicity 8331 view D done

The inside pocket is made from three fabric scraps sewn together. It is lined with that heavy canvas or duck cloth type fabric, so it stands up on its own for the most part. The handles are self fabric interfaced with heavy crafting interfacing.
Simplicity 8331 view D done

I thought a lot about Gwen's suggestion of using bubble gum pink or another color (Antoinette later chimed in with gold) but as you see in the pix I went with black piping.

Simplicity 8331 view D in progress

Simplicity 8331 in progress

So now that I have my bag for SPR weekend Chicago, next I have to make my badge holder. I don't quite understand what I'm supposed to do but I will have to review the message boards as it's been some time since I've been on the SPR site.  I think I will decide next weekend what I am wearing to the conference since I'm guessing the weather could be like anything.

Then I sewed up the underwear I cut out last weekend.  Instead of ladybugs, I went with a sequined cherries applique that I ironed on.  I totally crack myself up making underwear and putting the labels or appliques on them. 
cherries underwear

Finally, here's a bit of Princeton color for you:
pinkness at Princeton

That's what I looked like after Wednesday lunchtime meditation this week.
Be well and good night!


  1. that bag is soo adorable! where on earth did you find such cute fabric?

  2. That is a wonderful bag! What could be more perfect for a sewist?

  3. I love your finished bag!! It will be the perfect companion for your trip. Oh, and I love that last photo of you under those pink flowered trees!! Pretty!!

  4. I love your bag! I too, want to know where did you find that fabric?

  5. What a super cute bag! You did a great job!

  6. I'm loving those undies! Cute elastic trim in red. I found a hilarious t-shirt that got bedazzled and am scheming ways to make that into new underwear for myself. Maybe with zebra trim? LOL

  7. Fabulous bag! Sew perfect for your upcoming trip. Love the last photo of you. You look so happy!


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