Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Butterick 5244 day 4: fitting the back or beating a dead horse

Thanks everyone for your comments on my muse dress!  Those pockets deserve a blog post of their own sometime, especially my practice pockets.  Now we're up to day 4 of the dress, tweaking the back fit.

This is what the side view looked like last night, pre-tweak:

Butterick 5244: pretty much done, tho the side is still shapeless

And this is what it looks like now:
Butterick 5244: day 4: tweaking the back fit

It's hard to tell, there are two darts, one on each side of the CB seam, and I also tweaked the CB seam and the side seams a little bit too.
Butterick 5244: day 4: tweaking the back fit

Here it is on Emma.  I didn't iron and you can see the threads from where I ripped out some basting stitches.
Butterick 5244: day 4: tweaking the back fit

So what do you think?  I don't like how the CB seam looks now, especially over my butt.  I suppose some things to keep in mind are that I haven't cut down the SA on the CB seam nor side seam; and I haven't ironed.

I'm kind of thinking of ripping out the darts and the CB seam and putting in double darts on each side of the CB seam for  a total of 4 darts.  Should I continue to beat this dead horse or not???

Here's the inside of the purchased knit dress that fits great; you can see the darts.  Also the width from the waist to CB seam is a lot less on this dress than on the muse dress but the width of the bottom of this dress is actually MORE than the muse dress.
a purchased knit dress with back darts!

And the muse dress is actually navy blue.  Some folks commented on the purple color, and I see what they mean, on some monitors it looks purple.  But it's really navy blue.

Meanwhile, what do you think my new PR name should be? The polldaddy poll totally didn't work so here are your choices; vote in the comments the old fashioned way:
  • Vacuuming the Lawn (blog name)
  • Lead Vacuum (derived from blog name)
  • BlossomKyle (my twitter name)
  • Magic Panties (derived from Mary Nanna's "Magic Pantries" post)
  • Juicy Details (from an airport smoothie stand Pete saw in the Netherlands)

Be well!


  1. First, I like BlossomKyle! The dress looks better on you with the back shaping. Give the seams a good pressing and I think you will like it better. If you're feeling like the back needs something more how about a tab like on Butterick 5523? Btw, my navy dot dress is suppose to have a fuller skirt. I just messed up the FBA but didn't realize it right away. I ended up making the midriff wider which took away from the fullness.

  2. BlossomKyle! I had a hard enough time remembering people's real names at PR weekend and there was no chance I would remember PR names that had nothing to do with their real name. LOL

  3. I like BlossomKyle too! I think the fit is looking better on the dress. Your dilemma reminds me of the same I had with fitting my anniversary dress. I definitely needed back darts for it to look okay, and I tried making several before I got it right. I think I would keep at it. I think you'll probably get something to work. And yes, I have seen the Style Arc patterns.(More temptation, eh?) I'll check out the one you mentioned. I don't know them by name, but I'd love to see which one it is that you like.

  4. The dress is looking good. I love the collar. It can be hard to work out what is bothering you about a garment straight after sewing it. From here, it looks as if you could make the back darts deeper, or even add another 2 darts - possibly making them a bit shorter so there is plenty of fullness in the skirt still.

  5. I am all about back shaping. I probably add too much shape. But I feel so much glee over sewing and NOT having a hideous pile of fabric on my swayback that I am in favor of shaping. So I say keep the darts. I think it looks better with them.

  6. I really like your new name, BlossomKyle. Your rendition of this dress is really nice and the back shaping makes it look so much better. Kathy would be proud.


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