Tuesday, October 11, 2011

102 unread messages, or what happened if you tried to gmail me.

So...my personal email address is yahoo mail.  When you guys leave a comment on my blog, I get email at my yahoo address, so I know when you've commented.    And I thank you for ALL of your comments about my sewing, and my health, and my food.  I love my blogging community. 

Sooooooooooooo....fast fwd to the ASE 2011 and meeting up with Lynnelle...she tells me she emailed my gmail acct but never heard back from me.

So tonight I decide to log on to my gmail account and there are 102 unread messages in there since 2009 (the last time I checked the gmail acct), many from you dear sewing friends.  I have a gmail email acct because my blog is on blogger, but I don't use the gmail acct for emailing.  But apparently when I leave a comment on your blog, it's showing my gmail acct as the reply-to...which I didn't fully realize (I remember talking with Antoinette about getting the reply-to to not be "noreply-comment@blogger.com" some time ago but I swore we got it to be my yahoo acct)...but realize it now after randomly picking an August email from MushyWear to read.  Oh, and it looks like if you click on my profile, it says to email me at my gmail address...

I hope over the next week to address all this outstanding, long-overdue-for-a-response mail!

Holy cow---thanks for your patience!!

(Also, to address recent questions left as comments: Vanessa, yes, I love turquoise and made a turquoise jacket for my bday last year.  It has MANY flaws in it so I have not worn it much.  And for Ruthie and Lisette, sure, I can write a little tutorial about how to bind the neckline that way.)

Be well and healthy-healthy-healthy!

ETA:  Ok, it's almost an hour later--I have read all my unread gmail and changed my profile email and comments reply-to to my yahoo address, YEA!  Reading all your mail at once was like one big Christmas present, such fun stuff in there!  


  1. I have the same thing; a blog with blogger and I only use yahoo for email. There is a way to forward any mail that goes to your Gmail account to any other account you actually use.

    Log into Gmail. Click on your username on the upper right side, and select Account Settings. You will come to a screen that has your Google accounts info. Under the section that says "My Products" Select "Settings" right next to "Gmail". Then click on "Forwarding..." Just fill in whichever account you want to receive messages, save it and you're done!

    Btw...I enjoy your blog! :)


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