Sunday, October 2, 2011

Buddy's back

This weekend didn't work out the way I wanted it to as far as sewing....but I really wanted to sew something...
owl detail
Hence, owl boy shorts, a little something.  Stash scrap fabric; elastic from, Antoinette's make your own undies tutorial:
owl boy shorts
I was going to cut out a dress...but Buddy (yes, I'm cat sitting again for 3 nights) rejected this fabric, yawn: yawn
But he likes this blue one from the Common Thread in Austin, TX:
buddy thinks i should use the blue from the common thread  austin tx
For the first time he had a taste of Hal:
buddy and the roomba
Watching tv:
watching tv
In the sink:
in the sink
Princeton Farmer's Mkt flowers this week:
buddy likes princeton farmer's mkt flowers
The 4th female pumpkin flower actually opened on Thursday, my little miracle! the female pumpkin flower!!!
Here's the male flower that did the job...not that there's a lot of time for a pumpkin to form: the male flower, up for the job
Someone's sleeping....
Buddy sort of sleeping
Be well and good night!


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