Saturday, March 17, 2012

Disaster recovery: argyle dress concept

Oh, the StyleArc shirt that I pinned together in the last post--I sewed it Thursday night and it was a bust.  That'll be for another post.

I have this theory, or perhaps it's more of a superstition, about fabric, that once I make a wadder out of a particular piece of fabric, that fabric is doomed--anything else I try to make from it will also be a wadder.

I really hope that's not the case with this fabric.  Here's a new attempt at using this fabric.
dress concept
So on Friday morning I had the idea to make a vest out of the argyle Mood fabric. This morning I cut out the vest, held it up to me, and thought, hrm....dress???  But a whole dress out of argyle would be a bit much...and I don't have enough of the fabric anyway to make a dress now that I've cut I google image searched "argyle dress" and from some of the pix, came up with this idea:
dress concept
Right now it's basted together in a "I must know now before my head hits the pillow if this is going to work or not..." I can see where it needs tweaking, and I think I have some solutions. So I'm thinking, tmw morning I will rip it apart and properly sew it, fixing the little problems as I go....

It's not quite a frankenpattern--it's not combining two patterns--it's more like a mutant of one pattern.  It's  NewLook 6071, but the upper front and top of the upper skirt are morphed to what you see here.

I really hope it works out. 

Be well and good night!


  1. It looks nice! By the way, I would totally make an entire dress out of that lovely fabric, like a slim fitting, long sleeved mini-dress with a cowl neckline.

  2. Wow Kyle. A meetup sounds so intriguing, and the 21st will be on a Saturday. I'm not sure I could make it, but I will start planning to that end. I'll let you when we get closer to April. Thanks so much for the invite!!!


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