Sunday, March 11, 2012

Style Arc Demi Drape top version 2.0, now in progress

Style Arc demi drape top version 2, in progress

So at the very end of last year, I sewed the Style Arc Demi Drape top. It's a great top but that inset is just too low for my taste. I wound up wearing it with a cami under the cami inset because it's just so low.

Tonight I cut out the next version, this time with an argyle double knit from Mood and brown double knit from Joann's.   I cut the inset about an inch and a half higher.

In the picture it is just pinned, and I'm thinking of recutting the inset so that the diamond smack dab in the middle is turquoise instead of brown...what do you think?

Also I am hot on the trail of some white pin dot on navy fabric to make a super super super cute Burda dress. I bought this swiss dot fabric on etsy more than a month ago. It was listed as being from the 60's, estate find kind of fabric.  I asked all sorts of questions about the fabric before buying it (is it see through? does it wrinkle if you scrunch it in your hands?).

 I also asked if it smells.  The seller said she can't smell.  I can verify, it smells.  Smells so much, I don't want to wash it in with my regular clothes or towels or sheets or anything because I don't want that smell transferring to anything I own.

I would just get rid of it except it is really hard to find pin dot fabric that is not quilting cotton.
funky fabric
So it's been outside, in the elements, for more than a month.  Each week I go outside and smell it.  Finally it is starting to lose its smell.  The fabric has the sort of "tufted" right side (on the left of the photo) and the non-tufted back (right side). I'm thinking if I sew with this fabric, I might sew with the wrong side as the right side. (In real life, the fabric doesn't have that reddish circle; that's just my camera).

In other news, here's dinner tonight.  Chicken fried rice from Cook This Not That, roll and vegan brownie from Whole Foods.  I *love* the vegan brownies from WF.  I don't love their vegan chocolate mousse, but the brownies are delish.

chicken fried rice from Cook This Not That
My mini-daffodils came up on Thursday when it got really warm:
And the library books for this week.  Now you know where I'm going next!  Hopefully I'll get to see Vanessa while I'm there.
library books for the week

And to CarrieKaye:  I would have replied directly to you but your blogger profile is not public.  I'm so glad you got to meet Suede! He is incredibly friendly. and his twitter feed is fun too. Thanks for letting me know you got to meet him and got his autograph!  Share pix if you have them!

Be well everyone and good night!


  1. I think either diamond in the center will work fine! I personally like the brown but take pictures with both and then decide. I'm sure you will love this top no matter what you decide.

  2. Hey Kyle! I think the top looks fine the way it is cut already. I'm not sure the blue in the center would make it any better.

    And I did get your email! I will check back with you later this week, but I am positive a Saturday morning will work much better with my schedule (21st). Anyhow, excited to meet you, and I'll follow up with you!

  3. How about taking the fabric to a laundry mat and washing it there?

  4. I agree. I like the fabric placement as it is.
    I washed fabric last week separately and realised when they came out of the wash one piece was particularly 'on the nose'.

  5. Hey, I hear you on the stinky fabric. There was a trunk that had all of my late mother's sewing projects in it for the last 20 years, and when it was opened both my sister and I had immediate allergic reactions to it's mildew smell. I first washed them with a pretty fragrant detergent but I could still smell the mustiness underneath! The second time I washed them I included about 1/4 to 1/2 cup of vinegar and that's what did it. I would suggest soaking it in vinegar for a few hours and then line drying it. The vinegar smell dissapears after a while. Good luck!

  6. I like the brown diamond in the centre but maybe that's a lack of imagination! What great draping; this is going to be a lovely top however you cut the inset.

  7. Love the top. I'd be tempted to put a blue diamond in the center too!

  8. I like the argyles as they are because that way two blue diamonds are visible. If you changed it up the blue would be front and center, but there would only be one of them!

  9. I like your top the way it is. You can leave well enough alone and move to the next project. :-)

    No pictures on my Suede dress yet. I've got to start it first. He encouraged me to send him pics too, so I just might do that.

  10. I just love the colours in your new Style Arc top. The fabric placement looks pretty good to me too.
    I'm glad the smelly fabric is turning out OK. Would it be up to a few heavy duty washes in a machine?

  11. Love... Looooove it... and like the current placement of the diamonds. Whatever you decide.. I will still looooove it.


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