Saturday, May 26, 2012

All sorts of sewing

Thanks everyone for your comments on my PR weekend NYC post!  I really appreciate everyone who commented to let me know they enjoyed the post. Fellow attendees have been posting their recaps and it's been fun to read what others did too. 

Here's what I've been up to since PR weekend.  I had 3 blissful days off after PR weekend which I enjoyed SO much.

I made a new apron.  I also made cookies from scratch.
 Melody Miller Ruby Star Shining for Kokka fabric, purchased at WhipStitch in Atlanta.  McCalls 7391 pattern.
The fabric is Melody Miller, Ruby Star Shining for Kokka fabric, purchased at WhipStitch in Atlanta last month. The pattern is my TNT apron pattern, McCalls 7391, circa 1995. 
I caution you to be careful with the placement of this fabric, know what I mean...just sayin'.

Twitter is great. I tweeted @whipstitch with a picture of my apron, and @whipstitch tweeted @missletterM, who is the designer Melody Miller herself!
She then replied with "Super cute!". Awwwwwww!

Melody Miller Ruby Star Shining for Kokka fabric, purchased at WhipStitch in Atlanta.  McCalls 7391 pattern.
I sewed up some underwear.
patch: joann's.  elastic:  daytona.  fabric: jomar
patch: 25 cent joann's clearance.
hot pink elastic: daytona from last weekend, PR weekend NYC.
brown knit fabric: jomar from PR weekend Philly. I had made it into a disaster shirt which is now wonderful UW.

patch: joann's.  elastic:  daytona.  fabric: jomar
Hey, what is the scalloped edge of the elastic on the left side of the picture called?  The elastic on the right side is picot for sure.  Are they both picot?  Different styles of picot?  Or does the elastic on the left have its own name?  I *need* to know.

what is the edge on the elastic on the left called??

Tonight I sewed a pillowcase for an unusual size pillow.
It's Alexander Henry Bird Seed fabric from Stitch Lab Austin circa 2010.
pillowcase with piping
I like it! I piped it with purchased black piping in stash.  This was my creative solution to make the pillowcase wide enough, since I had cut up the fabric for something else....
pillowcase with piping
I wanted to make a dress I saw on Kathy's blog, but the pattern range is too big. So, instead I played with my new rolled hem foot for about an hour or so this afternoon. I was inspired to buy one after seeing it on Noile's blog.  I think I have the hang of it now for straight hems, which is great because it means I can make a very nice rolled hem for the ruffle on B5638, which I'm planning on starting tmw.
I mean, it's pretty awesome.
rolled hem foot
I'm so excited!
rolled hem foot
All my attempts (earliest on top, latest on bottom):
rolled hem foot attempts
I also put paper over the pattern boxes and labeled with stickers:
relabeled pattern boxes
I think it looks cleaner and tidier that way.
I also organized my thread better. Navy is in the box on the left and black is in the box on the right, so I can distinguish them better!
my thread
Oh, and I've got something brewing with a dressform, but that's next weekend!
Be well!


  1. You've had a very productive few days! Love that apron. And the pillowcase. And the undies. That rolled hem foot is a difficult one to learn to use, especially doing corners. I need to practice it.

  2. You have been so productive! Super cute apron and undies. Look forward to the dress now that you feel comfortable with the rolled hem foot.

  3. How wonderful. You've used your enthusiasm to create some wonderful work!

  4. Wow, have you been busy or what? A housewife, oh that would be great. While we're wishing might as well get everything we want - right?


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