Monday, May 28, 2012

B5638 in progress & unironed

I wish I had taken the petite adjustment just above the waistline, but here's where I'm at with B5638.
It's a princess seam dress and I'm heading toward view C, which has an inset (so no, the neckline is not that low in real life!) and a ruffle, which you saw the makings of here.
(Leslie I will write up my notes about the rolled hem foot....)

B5638 in progress
I'm also aiming to make it with the belt, so it will be more cinched in at the waist. B5638 in progress
Here it is on Emma, who is partially padded out in the Fabulous Fit system (I'm going to buy a real dressform with hips and everything on Saturday!)
B5638 in progress
But Princess Fit is very flattering on Emma and most women, isn't it? B5638 in progress
I used Sunny Gal's instructions for the invisible zip. I think I need to sew closer to the teeth but it was the most painless invisible zip experience I've had so far (I additionally interfaced the CB seam so as to prevent any tragedies from occurring...)

Be well!


  1. Very flattering, well done.
    I'm a bit intimidated by princess seams but am working on them at the mo.

  2. I like the front! Always looking for additional tips on invisible zip installation. Seems I'll read a great tutorial, follow it once with wonderful results, and on the second time around nothing looks quite as good. Hope this one will stick for me!

  3. You are so right about those pricess seams! I prefer them over darts on blouses.

  4. I like how your dress has turned out.


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