Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad, pumpkin harvest, New Look 6103...

Thanks for your kind comments about my dress, and also about the accident!

While I felt no pain at the scene of the accident, my back started flaring up driving away and has been flaring off and on ever since.  (I have had chronic back pain for 3.5 years that had been SO much better before the accident.) I am now back in the care of my chiropractor (who I had not seen since May) and will visit my acupuncturist (who I have not seen since December) this week.  My massage therapist has also been helpful with pain relief. The pain was pretty bad last Tues and Wed and I was frustrated, but Thurs it was better (I think due to my massage therapist's work on Wed), then Friday is was bad again. :(

Anyway, I wore the dress on Tuesday and it was comfortable to wear, and it didn't wrinkle as much as I thought it would, which was a big plus.

So, I thought I would start work on New Look 6103 today before leaving to visit my parents for their birthdays.  It's a SuedeSays Studio pattern.

New Look 6103
I love pencil skirts, and this one has a fantastic detail--the fanned kickpleat.
New Look 6103
Here I'm trying to figure out what size to cut, basing it off my Simplicity 2157 pencil skirt. I think I'll go for the 14 and grade where necessary as it seems to span various sizes...
oh what size to cut (comparing S2157 to NL6103)
Also this morning I harvested my first pumpkin! This one is pumpkin C and is 31 days old.
Here I just cut it out of my pumpkin patch.
Pumpkin C harvested on 9/9/12
I gave it to my mom, wrapped up, and she was *shocked* that I wasn't keeping them all.

She likes to decorate mini pumpkins with ribbon and draw faces on them. I just put a ribbon on it, then wrapped it in tissue paper.
Pumpkin C harvested on 9/9/12
It weighed in at 3.2 ounces!
Pumpkin C harvested on 9/9/12
And it's about 8 inches in circumference.
Pumpkin C harvested on 9/9/12
And here it is in the kitchen window of my parents house.
pumpkin C in mom's kitchen window
I took even more pix of it, which are at the end of the pumpkin album.
I think some people take similar amounts of pictures of their newborn children. :)

Anyway, there was a lot of celebration today, as my dad's birthday is today and mom's is the 17th.
Here I am with my mom in my childhood home!
me and Mom on Dad's birthday 9/9/12
Here are my parents in the front yard:
Mom and Dad on Dad's birthday 9/9/12
Here I am with my dad at the Circus Drive In:
me and Dad on Dad's birthday
And here are my parents:
Mom and Dad on Dad's birthday
Mom and I went to Point Pleasant Beach. It was a FANTASTIC day to go--weather was great.  I hadn't been back since 2009 so it was a real treat! We love the claw machines even though they are really rigged these days.
Mom at Point Pleasant Beach
Here's what we came away with (minus a ball that mom gave away to an appreciative child):
the Haul (most of it) from Point Pleasant Beach
Hope you all had great weekends and are pain free!!!
Be well!!!


  1. What a cute pumpkin. I'm glad you all have a lovely birthday get together.

  2. Sorry to hear about your back pain; keep up therapy and exercise, it is the only way to make the pain recede.

    Great that you got to be part of the birthday celebration!

  3. Sending you good vibes to aid in the healing of your back, once again. I sure hope that gets better, and quickly. It is so great that you got to spend some quality time with your parents. Making special memories. Cute little pumpkin! Make a beautiful skirt. You love your Suede!

  4. Nice pumpkin! It's really perfect. What a nice day with your parents! Love it. BTW the claw machines, and most of them in arcades, are totally rigged. It frustrates Louis to no end, but he can't stop playing them.

  5. So sorry to hear about your back pain from the accident! I hope you are able to recover soon.

  6. You have a wonderful family! I 'm sorry to know about your back pain. Maybe it's time to have it scanned, so your chiropractor will see what's going on in there. Keep us inspired!


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