Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cute t-shirt refashion FAIL

I took a 2 week break from sewing, but started back up with my Sewaholic Thurlow trouser muslin yesterday.  From the front and side, they look pretty good.  The back needs some more work, still.

In other news, I had a cute shirt refashion in mind today.  Here's how it wound up:

t-shirt refashion
I had the cutest post I was going to write about my cute shirt refashion. The shirt was too big, now it's too small and my attempts to make it just right are a big FAIL.

I'm thinking next weekend I will try sewing the Sewaholic Renfrew shirt. Any tips about the sizing???

Tonight I cooked Rocco DiSpirito's Baked Ziti from "Now Eat This Italian"
Rocco DiSpirito's baked ziti

I made it after dinner so it will be for lunch tmw. I tweeted it and Rocco retweeted it and he is now following me, yay! He has retweeted other pix of food I have made of his before. Twitter  is fun and I wish I could get my latest tweets working in the side bar of my blog again.


Here are the flowers I bought this week at Whole Foods. These are green dianthus. They are a delight to look at and to touch!
green dianthus
It just so happens that I have a green vase from my mom that matches them:
For some reason, it makes me think of the Lorax.
Good night and be well!


  1. Kyle, I've been watching Soprano reruns and Carmella would be jealous of your Ziti.

  2. YUM, that looks good. Those flowers are very Lorax like! Too bad about the refashion.. looking forward to your renfrew.

  3. I'm sewing a Renfrew right now! The sizing is pretty accurate. I sewed a 6 bust, 6 waist and 2 hip on my first top, and this time I went to a 4 in the hip because I found myself tugging on the hem throughout the day. I usually do a broad upper back adjustment totaling an extra inch in that area, but since the Renfrew is a knit, I didn't do that alteration, and it fits just fine there.
    Good luck on your Renfrew!!

  4. Girl -- you are the queen of the celebrity re-tweets! LOL Love that Rocco RT. I am so sorry your refashion didn't work out. Glad it was a refashion and not some rare fabric from Italy. Ya know? I'm thinking all the best for your Renfrew top. xo

  5. Rocco is so dreamy! What an honor that he is now following you for cooking his recipe. I am not on Twitter, but I imagine this is a big deal! I hope the Renfrew top works out well!

  6. I am so impressed that he is following you. That is so cool!

  7. When I see those flowers I think of Lorax, too! They're so cute and fluffy. Sorry about your shirt, but excited for you on the celebrity following. :)


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