Thursday, February 28, 2013

McCall's 6518: the back in progress

McCall's 6518 in progress: the back
Here's the far as I got tonight. I am a little worried that it is too small even after 2 muslins...I might baste it together tmw night sans lining, install a quick and dirty invisible zip, and see what's what.

I sewed much of it during the PR commercials tonight.

My tailor's ham and clapper are making a big difference. Hurrah for that!!  


  1. This is such a stylin' dress.
    Love seeing your progress.

  2. A quick check like you have planned might make the final fitting less stressful Kyle.

  3. That's going to be a fabulous dress! I wish you could cook for me, since you make some incredible looking dishes.

  4. Oh, do take the time to try it on before you commit to final stitching! Over-fitting is a bigger problem than too-looseness, as you can at least wear the too-looseness. You've spent so much effort on this garment already, don't waste it by making the dress too small! Remember that our garments have to include an allowance for movement. Well, unless you're playing the part of a mannequin for a museum.

  5. I'm pulling for you on this one. Nothing like vexing fitting issues...


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