Sunday, March 24, 2013

McCall's 4664 skull cap: done

So I am still working on the muslins for the Sewaholic Renfrew top and Thurlow trousers.  Jennifer Stern is helping me with the top via her "fit the tee to a t" class on PR, and Angela Wolf is helping me with the trousers via "Altering Pants" on PR.    I think I paid $27 each for these classes, and have definitely received more than $27 worth of help on each!   I will start muslin #3 of the Renfrew (determined not to have armpit wrinkles!) and here's muslin #5 of the Thurlows:

Thurlow Muslin #5
Thurlow Muslin #5
I had grand plans to start the third renfrew muslin this afternoon, but made this skull cap and took a gigantic nap instead:
McCall's 4664
Yes, the first day of spring was on Wednesday, but I still need another winter cap. I've made this before in brown, and then pink .  This time I wanted something more subdued....
McCall's 4664
It's supposed to be hemmed 2" but I like it to completely cover my ears, so I only hem with 1". McCall's 4664
Also it was the first time I have ever, ahem, used the "stretch stitch", though I guess I should have been using this stitch all along on every knit garment.... There, confession is complete!
It looks like an italicized zig zag:
stretch stitch
Here's a quick sample:
stretch stitch
stretch stitch
and because of it's italicized zig-zagginess, it allows the stitch to stretch with the fabric instead of breaking the thread.
So even on something really simple, I learned something new.

Oh,and I had to laugh, I had plans to make this cap before Christmas, and bought the fleece during one of Joann's big sales. I had guessed I'd just need a third of a yard.

Joke was on me:
McCall's 4664 oops
That's the center strip. OOPS.  Totally forgot about that.
I folded the pattern piece in half and then cut two center pieces and sewed together.
It worked.
I braided my hair for this shot:
McCall's 4664
I didn't feel like cooking tonight, so I baked instead:
My specialty, Nestle Toll House chocolate chip cookies with walnuts, from scratch 

It's supposed to snow tmw, but here are some lovely daffodils from the supermarche:
I love spring! It's my favorite season! Daffodils!
Be well!!


  1. Caps are everywhere this year, so you can't have too many. Those stretch stitches on the machine are great until you need to pick them out! Oh, yummy cookies. MI is experiencing snow this morning. Goodie!

  2. That cap would be perfect for hiking. Hope it works in a knit fabric as well as fleece!

  3. Spring is my favorite season too! There is something about the newness that gets me every time. The cardinals and robins are singing. I heard a woodpecker yesterday tapping a tree. If only Michigan were cc'd on the email that Spring had arrived...

  4. Just when I was certain summer had arrived, it got cold here again! (For us, that means dipping into the 30s at night.) So it's back to flannels and puffer vests for me. And a skull cap for you! Mmmmmmm... chocolate chip cookies.....

  5. I get a ridiculous amount of wear out of my wool jersey beenie. And I've never tried the stretch stitch, lol. If I have to sew a knit by machine, I just use regular zigzag. I suppose I should give it a try...

  6. When it's freezing cold, there's no way I'd venture outside without a skull cap (beanie).


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