Thursday, June 6, 2013

7 summer sewing ideas: getting back in the saddle

Thanks everyone for your encouragement with my last post. My online sewing instructor for the Altering Pants class on PR, Angela Wolf, is going to try to figure out where it all went wrong.

It feels like ages since I've sewn an actual garment, you know?  It's basically summer and trousers can wait til the fall. Here are some ideas I have for getting back in the sewing saddle:
Idea #1:  Make shorts from the Thurlows, as the problems are really in the back of the leg from about halfway down the back of the thigh onward. Shorts would cut off the problem, so to speak, and give me more practice with double welt pockets and fly front trouser zips.

Idea #2:  Or try Gertie's high waisted rolled up pants, that are calling me like a siren song...there are three reviews of the Gertie pants on PR, all enthusiastic thumbs up.  Or, maybe I'm just a glutton for punishment.

Idea #3: Or...try a t-shirt or button down shirt (but make it short sleeved).  That NL on the right; I made in 2008 but did not keep....the pic I took of it then made it look really good, I'm so sad I didn't keep the shirt, but I still have the pattern at least...
more dresses!
Idea #4a:  Or...go back to my sewing roots and make a dress! The pattern on the right has TWO pieces and high praise on PR! The one on the left is calling me in brown linen-look with honu coconut buttons, and the middle one, I've made twice before in 2007 and still wear both of those dresses every summer!
Idea #4b:  More dresses! That NL in the middle MANY peeps have made and loved; the Butterick on the left, likin' the orange one, but without the armhole ruffle; the one on the right, I searched high and low for the appropriate polka dot fabric and never really found anything appropriate....but I have something that is close.

Idea #5:  There's also this pile of mending/altering.  Some of my twin needle hems are coming undone on knits after 2+ years of frequent wear; those iron-on patches never stay on the UW and I have some assorted hemming and altering of RTW items.  Oh!  and hand sewing in an invisible zip on my favorite black skirt that I made last summer but that zip didn't work out.  I think hand sewing the zip in will work just fine.

mystery item!
Idea #6:  I have a secret plan for this NYC subway's from the City Quilter in NYC and exclusive to their shop.
. belt making and sashiko
Idea #7:  Not exactly sewing, but...there's also belt making (left) and I'm interested in learning Sashiko and thought the kit on the right would be a good place to start.

So what idea will I pursue first?  How many of these ideas will work out and how many will fizzle out?  Which one is the best idea to get back in the saddle again??

The Princeton Farmers Market is back!
Princeton Farmers Market Flowers
These lovelies are still going strong after a week!
Be well!


  1. Oh - Canterbury Bells - mine are blooming right now. Sometimes mine mutate and there are saucers under the cups. (Cups and saucers).

    Can't help you decide what to sew as my first day without overtime happened today and the possibilities of how to fill my 'free time' are beckoning.

    Happy deciding.

  2. Hope you are able to get the pants worked out. Pants can be a real pain...I've been trying to get the perfect pair of jeans....still....
    Sew something fun now - give yourself a break from the pant and relax. The flowers are so pretty!

  3. I say go for the Thurlow shorts. And that is a lot of choices!!!!!

  4. I vote for shorts too. Your logic is right on and you would also be sewing something FUN.

  5. If it were me, start with something that you know is going to be a success and not eat up too much time. It will erase any negative feelings about previous projects and you will feel like a sewing superstar. I should really take my own advice as I've been on a work-induced sewing fast for a few weeks, but next, I'm going to try my nemesis, a button down shirt! I'm an idiot.

  6. I say get the mending done first - then pick a project. It always feels good when you can finally crank through a pile of mending and get out of the sewing room. Think of it as Spring Cleaning.

  7. Hi Kyle, when I am in the slump, I like to pick up a TNT pattern and make something super fast and super easy which I know is going to fit. Just something to consider...Another idea is to make something to fill a hole in your wardrobe.

  8. I like your choices. Start with something easy, that is what I do. I like how the hallway turned out!


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