Sunday, June 23, 2013

McCall's 6256 small zipper pouch, now 3.5 hours & laminated

(Ok, here is my attempt to take some pix outside, as it was expressed at PR weekend that I need to get my pix out of the you go!)

So I made the 7 hour zipper pouch for myself, only this time in the "small" size.  It took ~3.5 hours.   I think I can get it down to 3.
McCall's 6256 view C, small & laminated!
There is nothing in the it's a little saggy.

This is the laminated version of the subway fabric from the City Quilter.  Maria and I each bought some on our big shopping day.

This is how I used to go to the city (via train, exiting at 34th St Penn Station):
McCall's 6256 view C, small & laminated!
And this is how I go to the city now (via bus, exiting at Port Authority bus terminal):
McCall's 6256 view C, small & laminated!
I used the same dimensions as the last zipper tags, but minus a half inch length-wise.

Yes, it had just rained (and was drizzling a little while taking these pix).  But the fabric is laminated, woot!  I lined it in green denim from deep stash, same as Maria's.
McCall's 6256 view C, small & laminated!
The zipper is from SIL Thread, purchased on the same trip with Maria.   I think this zipper was under $2.  What a deal compared to Joann's.
McCall's 6256 view C, small & laminated!
I like having Manhattan centered on the "front" of the bag....but I somehow put the zipper pull to the right instead of the left. I never realized that zipper pouches always have the zipper pull on the left.  So I guess the back of the bag is now the front.
McCall's 6256 view C, small & laminated!

It is a really cute little bag.  I plan on making the larger version again soon, also out of the laminated fabric, and then comparing in one photo.

Oh, and I made a skirt with a piece of my Kaimuku fabric today.  Here is a sneak peek from an outtake photo!
New Look 6843 view E-ish
Here are your Princeton Farmers Market flowers for the week.  The ones from last week were Nigella--there are a few of them left...
Princeton Farmers Market flowers 6/20/13
Be well!


  1. So cute (again). Think I may have to pick up that pattern!

  2. Yay, for making that bag again so soon. It is a "must have" for sure! Looking forward to seeing the whole skirt! It's the aqua fabric...great summer color!

  3. Now I know what stations I need to feature on my laminated version :)
    I didn't realise about the zipper direction either.
    That green lining is still my fav.
    I like how your skirt is turning out too. It's a great summer look.
    PS it's freezing in Sydney and raining.
    Your planning skills for fabric shopping are impeccable.

  4. Another great zippered pouch. Nice! Thanks for always sharing photos of your flowers, too.

  5. That is such a great little clutch. umm, was it me who made the bathroom comment? :-) mouth<---foot

  6. You customized and fussy cut the zipper stops! Wow, no detail escapes you. Awesome. :)


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