Monday, May 27, 2013


Sigh.  I really don't know what to say about the Sewaholic Thurlow muslin.   Something like "Anything worth doing is hard work."  I feel like I have worked hard, but not gotten the outcome I wanted.   I have been working on the muslin off and on since New Year's Eve.   It felt like I invested a lot of time, money, and effort into it, and emotional energy too, but part of any investment is knowing when to give up, fold the cards, walk away, right?  I think I will sew it up as it stands now and see what happens.  Maybe I'll feel better about it in dark fashion fabric.  I don't know why I feel differently, more strongly, about this piece, that it should have succeeded.  My success rate with my sewing is roughly around 50%.  Chances were equal that it wasn't going to work.

Anyway, what I *did* accomplish and with a satisfactory outcome is painting the 3 walls of the downstairs hallway.

hallway is painted!
yup! It is done done done.  I think the runner looks like a tongue.  I did a boatload of cleaning, too.

Lynn was asking what color I was painting it. Well, it's the same color as before, only Sears doesn't make Easy Living Antique White anymore, so I had it custom color matched.
the color is....
I think of it as a warm, creamy color, and I really like the freshly painted surfaces.  I will paint some more walls, probably not anytime soon, and definitely not the whole house.  Maybe 3 more walls.  or 5.

Can you spot the mistake on these air filters?  Wish I had found it before I bought them...
can you spot the mistake?
Here's the first rose; I cut it tonight before something eats it.
first white rose of the year
My johnny jump-ups surprised me and came back this year.
johnny jump-ups came back!
Wow, look at that weed, it grew up and through the Japanese maple...
that weed is growing up through my Japanese maple
Be well!


  1. One of the best things so far in the sewing room make-over is the fresh paint.
    And i have one of those weeds too.

  2. I am sorry about how those pants are coming along. You have worked really hard on them. I'll keep my fingers crossed that a full bottom weight fashion fabric does the trick.

  3. oh dear, sewing should be fun and whilst we do need to put effort into it, I don't think it should be at the expense of your love and excitement for sewing. This is why I sew so many dresses and never pants! On the other hand though if you conquer them you'll be so proud of yourself.

  4. Sewing is very often a crap shoot. The good part is you learn and that never stops as long as you sew. Some things turn out fabulously and some not. Chalk it up to experience, and make another thing.

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  6. I have several comments! First, the air filter shows two sizes: 12x20x1 and 12x24x1. Can you take it back?

    My Japanese maples are so homely right now. The late May frost was too much for their little leaves. Just like last year, all of the leaves fell off and now the tree looks like it does in November. So sad.

    Your walls look very nice and yes, the runner does look like a tongue!

    As long as you keep trying, every project presents a learning experience - even if the project disappoints. You've had many, many successes so this one pair of pants says nothing about what you can (and will) do.

  7. Are those filters the wrong size? I would return them because the are mis-marked.

    I think that you got a lot accomplished this long weekend. Great job!

  8. What a great job you did on the painting-and your garden looks wonderful. Don't fuss about the Thurlows...just set them aside or finish them and move on. You are a great seamstress!!

  9. You've worked so hard on the Thurlow's, and perhaps in a fashion fabric they are going to work out just fine. I say this after just finishing up the t-shirt I was working on. The fit is a little off in the armpit area, but overall I like the look, so I'm not put off by the wrinkles. Hang in there, and like the others have said, if it doesn't work, you sure have learned a lot along the way....a lot that can be applied to future projects. You are making amazing progress with your sewing and have turned out some gorgeous pieces! Your walls look fantastic. New paint is such a pick-me-up! And yes, your rug does look like a tongue. I love it!

  10. Now that you mention it, the floor rug does look like a tongue. That's gotta cheer you up a bit?
    I've heard mixed reviews on the Thurlows so take time out yo do something easy to get your wind back.

  11. The newly painted hallway looks terrific, isn't it wonderful how a fresh new paint job cheers you up?
    Hmm, I've not read a single good thing about that thurlow pattern yet.

  12. You have way more patience with a muslin than I ever would. And your rug does look like a tongue


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