Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 year in review

I love reading your "year in review" posts....now here's mine!
Vogue 1351 DONE!
My dress of the year: Vogue 1351. Wore this a LOT!  Thanks to SunnyGal for pointing this pattern out to me...

Here's my eclectic tally for this calendar year:
  • 7 zipper pouches
  • 1 pair of UW
  • 4 tops
  • 1 skirt
  • 2 tank tops
  • 1 pj shirt
  • 4 dresses
  • 3 hats 
  • 4 bags
  • 3 aprons
  • 1 pair of pants.

New skillz:
  • learned how to blind hem on my sewing machine (2012 goal, completed!)
  • learned how to use my narrow hem foot on a curve
  • learned how to make double welt pockets (they are really not as scary as they used to be)
  • learned how to make an interior zipper pocket on a bag (hint: it's very similar to a double welt pocket!)
  • got faster and less scared of threading my serger
  • I started muslining a lot more.
This was the year of the meetup!  Thanks for meeting up and buying fabric with me!
  • April:  PR weekend in SF
  • May:  Mushywear in HNL, Elizabeth in SD, ATP in NYC
  • June:  velosewer in NYC
  • August: MPB Day, where I met Mary
  • Sept:  American Sewing Expo
  • Nov:  PR Day in NYC; Rachel and Jeanette in LA; Elizabeth in SD
  • I'm really sorry I never got to meet GwenSews, but I still think of her often and miss her!
New tools/classes/other
  • learned how to use my new Brother PR sewing machine (Christmas gift 2012)
  • teflon presser foot and, thanks to shams, the teflon zipper foot
  • Elna Press Alize
  • thanks to Girls in the Garden, I learned about Peltex and worked with it!
  • I got my pix out of the bathroom and into the back yard, thanks to PR member marec.
  • Took the PR classes "Understanding Knit Fabrics" and "More Knits" and "Altering Pants" and did all the homework for them!
  • Bought more Craftsy classes and LOVED "Sew Better, Sew Faster".
Goals for the new year:
  • stay healthy and survive my work project
  • figure out my StyleArc size
  • get back to fun sewing
  • stop being such a perfectionist with my sewing?
  • fix the thurlows, again
  • sew a jean jacket
  • sew another pair of jeans
  • finally make that Jalie fleece
  • conquer (or at least lessen and/or live with) Renfrew armpit wrinkles and sew up a few in sweater knits.
  • attend PR weekend in Austin
  • remake some of my favorite dresses from the past
  • redesign my blog
  • figure out how to better interact / respond to comments.  

Some favorites:
Another black vinyl tote bag, this time with lining from Gwen Couture
Interior zipper pocket
my new vinyl bag
Is this my favorite bag of the year?
New Look  view E: cat bag done!
Or is this my favorite bag of the year?
Frequenly worn items
S9776: second tank
Love this tank at the gym, must make more. (I actually added a band of stretch lace later (from LA) to "hem" it).
I wear this pj top all the time
McCall's Aloha birthday pjs

As mentioned, this is my favorite dress of the year.  Also love my freestyle embroidery.
Vogue 1351 DONE!
I wear this spotted top all the time too!
me in the double knits section
And of course i love McCalls 6256, my favorite zipper pouch pattern, in 2 sizes!
McCalls 6256 view C, small and large and laminated!

I'm too tired for misses.  Bwah ha ha!

Thank you for reading, commenting, cheering me on and answering my questions!    I feel like I know you even though I've never met most of you!

Wishing you a year full of fantastic stitches!  See you in 2014!  Be well!


  1. Oh, what a great 2013 wrap-up!! Happy New Year! Btw, great minds think alike. I have been thinking about a Renfrew in a sweater knit also. However, I guess I need the pattern first.

  2. Happy New Year! We've got at least one same goal ... deal with comments better. :-) Maybe we should compare notes (when I actually have some!).

  3. Wow, that vogue dress is the freaking BOMB! Happy new year to you, I hope you fulfill many of your goals for the new year :)

  4. So glad that we met. That was one of my highlights this year.
    And as for the comments bit, I really have to investigate this further before I move to wordpress...
    Wishing you lots of happiness in 2014.

  5. Happy New Year and great round-up of 2013. I cannot wait to see what you create in 2014

  6. I simply adore your Vogue dress - so much so that I bought the pattern and intend to make one for myself. I also love your zippered pouches and have added it to my 'gotta-sew' list.

    Happy new year to you. I am looking forward to seeing and reading about more sewing goodness from you!

  7. I love that pink cat bag & the nyc subway ones ;)
    happy new year!

  8. Wow! Your new skills section rocks! Love your V1351 too.

  9. Love your have dress. Happy new year!!! I hope I get to see you in 2014!

  10. You've had such a productive year, all the best for 2014!

  11. What a great year! than you for sharing and posting your sewing experiences! I wish you all the best for 2014!

  12. What a great year in review post!


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