Sunday, December 15, 2013

On the lookout/want to trade fabric???

Thanks for your comments on the Santa Hat and my big fabric purge.

The fabric from LA and SD arrived.
LA and SD fabric
It is mostly washed up now but it will not fit in the fabric closet. Hrm.  So it is folded and the little tables have fabric on them again.
LA fabric left; SD fabric right
LA is on the left; SD is on the right.

Here is everything I'm donating; the service comes on Friday morning and believe me, having all this stuff in my living room is incentive not to buy more fabric. (Kristy, I am holding strong and haven't put any fabric back, yet!)  This pic includes fabric and clothes and books that I'm donating on Friday morning.
waiting for the donation service!

Even after all that, there is still some fabric I am on the lookout for, specifically:

  • black stretch thin-wale corduroy that does not attract lint and does not wrinkle.
  • stretch corduroy and stretch velveteen in  happy colors like turquoise (impossible!)
  • black knit with tiny white or cream polka dots (more of a pin dot size, not polka dot size, not seizure inducing.)  (Have not seen this since Gail K's in Atlanta--not even Spandex House in NYC had this)
  • stretch lace with small prints that are not too big nor too floral nor depressing nor Italian widow
  • red non-stretch denim that is not heavy weight (this is impossible to find! red bull denim is easy to find but is much too heavy weight.  My only hope is you.  Or Kashi.  He used to have purple denim.  I know because I have some but it's not enough to make a jacket.  Maybe I should call him.)
  • white shirting fabric that is not see through and doesn't wrinkle and isn't heavy weight (impossible!)
  • Dark chocolate brown quality (not Joann's or Hancock's) fleece, enough to make a fleece jacket. I have some from way back when Lucy's Knits was around, and was targeting making a fleece from it, but it turns out it's a rather small piece.
Non fabric:
  • Peltex for bags (easy to find)
  • 7" or 9" zippers with neat zipper pulls (for interior pockets on bags--where can I find them?  The ones I've been using for my bags were 25cents from a bargain fabric store in SF and I am running out)
  • labels with different words on them.  Years ago at Joann's I bought a package of woven, fabric labels with words that were intended for scrapbooking and have used them in bags and on underwear, but cannot find these again.  I have looked at scrapbooking websites but the woven labels tend to be more on the juvenile/baby side.  Also I don't want 100 (or even 20) of the same word, just random words on little woven labels.
So I was wondering, if anyone in the US has any of the above in their stash and wants to trade for fabric in my giveaway pile?

Here's what I have that you might be interested in:

  • juvenile flannel
  • knit fabric with Bugs Bunny on it (small piece, enough for a tank top though)
  • rib knit in green and brown
  • seersucker
  • This 3 yard stretch cotton that was all the rage at PR weekend Chicago.  I was gaga over it too but the truth is it is just not a fabric that I would wear.
  • DSC03197

(the lighter green above is fine wale corduroy; the rest is rib knit)

So please let me know, if you want to trade or have sources for any of my wish list items. :)    If you want to trade, let me know by 7am EST this Friday morning, Dec 20, as the items will be put outside for donation then.

I cooked.
dinner 12/14/13
I baked.
Mmmm cookies!
It snowed.
Now with 250 solar lights!
But I did not sew.

Be well!


  1. Those cookies look good!!! And, I am jealous of your snow!

  2. Good luck on the de-stashing project :-) I have empied one big Rubbermaid container and made headway through another. You can do it!! I am really happy to have less fabric. It was slowing my creativity and making me feel guilty. I'm off for the winter travels so see you in the spring.

  3. Cooking, baking, and sewing sounds like a great day to me!
    You are right, you do have a lot of fabric!

  4. Having all this stash sometimes slows my creativity. Other times, it allows my creativity to shine because I have all the 'ingredients'.

    I once purged four whole boxes worth of fabric and within nano-seconds two full boxes of new fabric shoe-horned right in.

    Enjoy your free space.....

  5. I'm amazed that after traveling the country, shopping for fabric, you have not found items that meet those criteria. Smart to put out a call on the web. I'll be hoping someone out there has got you covered. ;)

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  7. I'm impressd with your organization skills. I will be winnowing through my fabric stash (well, parts of it) over the next few weeks).

    Rose in SV

  8. Woa, your stash is incredible *bows in awe* It's really generous of you to be giving away so much, and good luck with your search :)

  9. I don't think there is a black corduroy of any description whatsoever that does not attract lint, lol. And I had to go look up some photos of Italian widows to have any idea what you meant by that ... we're of mostly Scots-Irish and German derivation around here. Have a restful holiday break and a very merry Christmas, dear Friend of the Internet.

  10. I am also going to purge that border print fabric (mine is the navy colorway) that we all bought from Vogue. Jacqui is the only one the I know of that actually sewed it up. LOL.

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  12. The woven labels are playing a vital role in conferring a bran recognition to the business organization. The woven labels also enhance the ambiance of the clothes in the best ever manner.


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