Thursday, December 26, 2013

What I sewed mom for Christmas

Thanks for all your comments on my Christmas post. I love that cat fabric too!  Hope you all had a great holiday!

So I did a little last-minute Christmas sewing for my mom: two aprons and a zipper pouch.

Here are the supplies:
zipper pouch I made for my mom

Turquoise upholstery fabric: from stash.  I love this fabric as it has great texture and color and weight.
Heart lining fabric: remnant from Joann's, rediscovered during the stash clean out.
Interfacing: medium weight iron-on from Fashion Sewing Supply
9" zipper: SIL Thread in NYC
Iron on heart patches: Pacific Trimming.  As soon as I saw those heart patches I knew they were destined to be on a zipper pouch.
Pattern: McCall's 6256, which I made a few times this year.

I started cutting out this pouch at 8pm on Monday night and had it finished ~2 hours later.   I impressed myself as I am such a slow sewist and the first time I made it (with laminated fabric, in the larger size) took about 7 hours.  I loved all the little notes I wrote to myself in the pattern instructions, in particular the one about sewing on the fabric tabs to the zipper:  "Remember, you can't sew over a metal zipper".  Bwah ha ha!

zipper pouch I made for my mom
I love the interior.  It's like a heart explosion.  Mom loves hearts and turquoise, so this was a great match.
zipper pouch I made for my mom
Zipper tab
zipper pouch I made for my mom
The back
zipper pouch I made for my mom
The view from the top
zipper pouch I made for my mom

Makin' the tabs. Wonder tape is definitely my friend when making zipper tabs.
zipper pouch I made for my mom
I think it's totes adorbs.

I originally wanted the two hearts to overlap so I did a test sample (I had purchased a few of those heart iron-on patches) but you could see the heart in the background through the heart in the foreground so I just put them side by side.

Here are the aprons.  Mom likes her aprons to be a big rectangle with two ties.  It's a very simple thing to sew.

aprons for my mom
This particular piece of cat fabric (left) was the original 3/4 yd piece I bought in Hawaii that was intended for this very apron!  The one on the right is fabric from the City Quilter, bought in either May or June, in their clearance section.

Here is how mom wears her aprons:
Christmas cat apron for my mom
  apron for my mom
I *love* this particular cat on the Christmas apron:

cue the squee!
A cat wearing Santa slippers! Love it!
Mom wore both aprons on Christmas Day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, so I think they were a hit.

I realize in my last post, the pix all had my apron with the ties tied in front (which is how I like to wear them) but here is one with the ties tied in the back to show maximum streamlined cat cuteness.

my cat apron

So, what have I learned from making 3 aprons and 1 zipper pouch in 2 days?  It is really, really nice to be able to sew tried and true items and not worry about fit!

In my next post, I will write about what I got for Christmas from my parents (spoiler alert: it's an Elna Press!)

Be well!


  1. You sewed some cute things for your mom, I know she treasures them! PS--I agree with sewing and not worrying about fit!! That sounds heavenly!

  2. Just how clever are you to whip these up for your mum ~ that's the added bonus of sewing ... J

  3. Good job on the handmade presents!

  4. Very cute, I'm sure your Mum is going to love it :)

  5. Both cat fabrics are too cute! Such an adorable pouch -- your mom must be very happy with her gifts!

  6. Adorbs your gift sewing Kyle. I bet your Mum was thrilled with these too.


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