Saturday, May 24, 2014

No Fabric Left Behind: Austin 2014

It's really more like "Every Other Fabric Left Behind" this year.
2013 was the year of No Fabric Left Behind.

Here's what I bought in Austin.
Fabric from Stitched Fabric in Austin (cat fabric from Stitch Lab) 
Above, all from Stitched Fabric (Austin Fabric Co-op) except for the cat fabric that's from Stitch Lab.

Fabric from Stitched Fabric in Austin
A closer look.  Can you see all the texture?
(btw I just bought a new camera, should be here by next weekend, very exciting, am hoping to take better pix as my current camera has been on a decline the last year).

I am the most excited about the black and white fabric.  I hope to make that into a simple, outstanding skirt tomorrow.  Not to set expectations too high or anything like that.

TexStyles fabric, elastic, trim
Here's half of the TexStyles goodness.    
TexStyles fabric (cat fabric from StitchLab)
And here's the other half. (cat fabric from Stitch Lab).

Too bad you can't pet the fabric through the internet.  There's stretch velveteen, sweater knits, rayon knits,and a ponte knit in there too.  I know it looks very dark but hey, kitties!

And don't get me started on that ruffle purple elastic--I bought 3 yards of it in Nov 2011, made a pair of UW with it and was hankering for more.  They still had a WHOLE GIANT SPOOL of it.  So I bought 10 yards.

 I washed and dried it all today--cut 4" sample squares too to check for shrinkage--rewashed and dried pieces that had shrunk, a second time, to make sure there was no further shrinkage.

Nakisha recently asked about how we feel about our fabric stashes and if they overwhelm us.  I think I can barely fit all this new fabric into the fabric closet (which is really a closet and a half).   And that is my goal, to keep all my fabric in the fabric closet.  No more of it spreading to other areas of the house or anything like that.  It makes me feel out of control when it starts spreading or piling up.  I like a neat and tidy house.  I don't like feeling out of control.

Irises from the Princeton Farmers Market
Gorgeous irises from the Princeton Farmers Market last week

It's a little over 5 weeks til my intense work project goes live. So, I am enjoying this 3 day weekend and doing barely any work this weekend--I have worked every weekend and most nights for a long time now.   I am really excited for go live and the stabilization period as it means my life will stabilize as well.    I have fond memories of painting the downstairs hallway last year during this same weekend.  So much has changed in a year.

Be well!!!


  1. The kitty fabric is great but the purple ruffled elastic is to die for.

  2. You've picked some very lovely pieces Kylie.
    Enjoy your long weekend and I know the next 5 weeks will fly by. Hugs.

  3. What great fabrics!! I love all the texture! That is one thing I lack in my own fabric collection.

    I hope your skirt comes together well.

  4. We all know that skirt is going to ROCK! :) lovely, lovely fabrics you scored. Good luck on the work project and congrats on a calmer home life!

  5. Jackpot!!! Hope your skirt comes out just the way you envision. Good that you can take this time to relax and enjoy!


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