Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sophia double knit swatch card love

So.....I was trolling the Vogue Fabrics site ~2 months ago and found this:

Vogue Fabrics Sophia Knit fabric swatch card
The Sophia Knit fabric swatch card!! For only $5. I ordered but it turned out they were sold out.  It arrived this week.  yay!
Vogue Fabrics Sophia Knit fabric swatch card
Swatches of all 28 Sophia colors are on this card.
Vogue Fabrics Sophia Knit fabric swatch card
No more guessing about colors on the computer monitor, yay!

Since I know there are many double knit fans like me out there, I thought I'd share this gem.

my mom's lilacs and her sewing machine
My mom's sewing machine and her lilacs. The lilacs always smell great and this year was no exception.  This picture was taken the morning after Mother's Day.  Dad moved mom's sewing machine into my childhood bedroom. I need to make space for it here so until then it will be in my childhood bedroom. Mom didn't enjoy sewing but she taught me how to use her sewing machine and until I started taking online and in person classes at sewing expos, I taught myself the rest.  It was the machine I sewed on from ~12 until I graduated from high school and got my Baby Lock as my high school graduation present. She sewed a bunch of Cabbage Patch Kid clothes on that machine and I still have them!

 Be well!


  1. That's a wonderful picture with your Mum's lilacs.

  2. Kyle, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your mother. It's so sweet that you still have those precious handmade Cabbage Patch dolls!
    Thanks for your comment, and I just wanted to let you know that I did not eliminate the horizontal back seam on that skirt, it is there in mine just as it is in the pattern :)

  3. My mom didn't 'enjoy' sewing either. It was not quite a chore but definitely one of your tools in being frugal.
    She made amazing items on her Singer for herself - work wardrobes, and for all of us kids - clothing, bedding, etc.
    Mom sewed tents & rucksacks for camping, upholstered furniture.
    I think if she had the sewing community we have now and money hadn't been so tight, her enjoyment may have been more.
    I still have my mom.

    She does enjoy what I make.
    I have my eye on her old sewing machine.

  4. How nice to have your mom's machine and those lilacs are beautiful.

  5. Those double knit swatches look gorgeous! That is a great find. I was just on their website the other day. And those lilacs are pretty special too.

  6. I'm sorry to hear about your mother. Sewing was about frugality back then 0 but what memories attached to the machine - It's nice for you to have it. Your swatches are lovely.

  7. Thanks for telling about the swatches, I really need to get those - yah, no more guessing at colors. Aren't we blessed to have had relatives who passed on sewing .

  8. I love the names of the Sophia knits - hot sauce indeed! It's interesting that so many of our mothers don't enjoy sewing as much as we do - maybe it's the difference between it being a necessity as opposed to a hobby?

  9. You may remember that I also have my late mother's sewing machine that I learned to sew on. Unfortunately, my sister stored it in her garage and now it is filthy and rusted. One of these days I need to do some research on the best way to restore it. Funnily enough, while it is not a Singer, my little Kenmore looks just like that one, metal housing and all. In addition, the first sewing machine I bought was a Babylock and is still the machine I use. Small world. One of these days we have to meet IRL. Take care.


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