Thursday, October 9, 2014

New Look 6071 part 1: the back

New Look 6071
(Thanks for all your comments about sergers!  I'm taking them all under advisement!)

I have a lot to say about this dress, New Look 6071, so I'm going to break this into a few posts.

Here's how I fit the back of the dress.

It's a double knit dress, with a dartless back with a CB seam.

When I first made this dress, I added 2 darts in the back and maybe overfitted it a bit.  It's my favorite knit dress though and I've worn it quite a lot.

This time I tried the darts but it looked bad (no picture of that)

I ripped out the darts and it looked like this, back to start, with just a CB seam:

Before with swayback issues

So I got out the handy dandy binder clips and got to work.
binder clip straight across
That's much better, but that has nothing to do with the front.
binder clip, clipping slightly upward to meet the crossover lines on the front
So I clipped it to curve it up to meet the stylelines in the front.
It adds some new drag lines but I like that it connects this new line in the back to the line in the front.
So now it's sewn:
After, sewn up

And here is the before and after:


Not perfect, but MUCH better.

And here's what it looks like on the side:

New Look 6071

Does anyone else fit with binder clips?
Be well!


  1. Great job fitting the dress! I really like the curved style line at the back waist - much nicer than straight across. I have never thought of fitting with binder clips but obviously they work quite well!

  2. Fitting with binding clips is a good idea.
    And really, the seam across the back at the waist works!

  3. Neat fitting idea Kyle, the back looks great and the curve marries nicely with the style lines at the front. The dress looks lovely on you.

  4. I like it! It makes such a difference in the back. The binder clips are a creative solution!

  5. Brilliant idea and I love the back better than the original. I hate plain backs. I have to ask who helps you or did you do that yourself - if so, how???

  6. Wow...that was a great fix. I've never used binder clips in such a way but I will add them to my sewing arsenal. Thanks for the tip.

  7. I actually prefer the seamed back! Great idea!

  8. That's just all kinds of brilliant.

  9. I love how you used the binder clips to get a better fit. I will remember this tip.

    Rose in SV

  10. Wow...great fix! I'm going to try your binder clip idea!

  11. That back waist seam is flawless!


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