Saturday, October 4, 2014

American Sewing Expo 2014 Recap in 22 pictures

Soooo....I went to the American Sewing Expo last weekend for a looong weekend.  Here's the recap in pictures:
Fast Track Fitting Live with Joi Mahon (Thursday, 9-5pm)
I'm wearing a RTW shirt with my New Look 6843 skirt.
Anna Christina, me and Joi Mahon
What the class looked like
Being fit by Joi
Baste it, Anna Christina!  Baste it!
Can I just say thank you to Anna Christina for taking the class with me.  Classes are waaaay more fun with friends, especially when it comes to things like identifying each other's bust apex and bust curve.

Leather 101 with Kenneth King (Friday, 8:30-11:30am) and his doctor bag
I seriously want to sew a leather bag now. Sewing with leather is much easier than I ever imagined. Just don't mess up.
And of course Kenneth was his usual witty and entertaining self.
In the Simplicity booth with Deborah from Simplicity and Connie.  Deborah helped me with my Simplicity 1314 quilted dress!  I brought it with me for her advice.  Now I know how to finish it off.  Thank you Deborah for helping me!!!

I'm wearing New Look 6071 above.  I haven't blogged it yet but will soon!
Connie won second place in the half scale dressform challenge!  Congrats Connie!  Hers is the pink Coco Chanel ensemble. She hand beaded it.  Sorry it came out so blurry!
On Sunday they moved Grand, First, Second and Third prize winners to the top level.       Now you can see her winning outfit much more clearly!
Me at the McCall's booth in Vogue.  I talked with Meg Carter who does the social media for McCalls.  She introduced me to the head honcho for McCalls and mentioned my blog name.  Should I change my blog name?  Hmmmm...anyway, I wish I had been more prepared when I met the head honcho.  Wish I had said that I appreciate how much they are reaching out the home seamster.  I told Kathy the day before.  She had led the focus group I was in the prior year, where I mentioned I wanted them to be on they are and my blog was one of the ones they started following their first day online.  Yay!  Kathy says it takes time but they do listen and implement changes.

Anyhoo, I'm wearing Vogue 8571.
Me with Gertie.  I bought her new book, Gertie Sews Vintage Casual.

With Rhonda Pearce from Schmetz Needles.  LOVE her sparkly shirt.

Lynnelle checking out the hem of at the McCalls booth, wearing her AMAZING Jalie jeans.

Trying on Joi's coat in the McCalls booth. That coat must have weighed about 15 pounds. HEAVY!
I *love* it when the pattern companies bring garments for us to try on (they were also in the fashion show).
Polar bear impression
The Claire Schaeffer Chanel jacket
The back of the Islander Sewing Systems Jacket Express jacket, size small. Just need a little swayback tuck.
The Islander Sewing Systems Motor City jacket in small.  It's the same fabric as Lynnelle's jeans.
I bought Mimi G's new patterns!  I asked and YES the pants are drafted for a pear shape--AWESOME.
I'm wearing Simplicity 1609.

What else?  Three dinners out (sorry I didn't get a picture with you Kristine!) and Passion for Fashion.  The Simplicity/New Look fashion show and the McCall's fashion show.  I went to one of Katherine Tilton's classes and found out she meditates!  Also went to Andrea Schewe's class about how she became a Simplicity designer.  Anna Christina gave me a dress that she made that fit me like it was made for me--how incredibly generous!!    She also bought a dressform.  I bought this:

Just a few odds and ends are missing from the pic above. The fabric is from Haberman's. Once again I drove straight from the airport to Haberman's.

Thanks to Anna Christina, Connie, Kristine, and Lynn for a great weekend!

Be well!


  1. Oh my gosh, looks like tons of fun!!!

  2. I was there too...enjoyed the half-size models...congrats to your friend. The jacket is exquisite. Hoping to spend more time there next year.

  3. Wowza - what an inspiring weekend!
    Can't wait to see your new 'leather' bag. And I must say, you looked great in the islander motor city jacket.
    Happy sewing!

  4. Thanks for sharing those fun pictures! Looks like you got to mingle with some really fabulous people. And how much fun to try on all of those amazing garments!

  5. As always, I enjoyed attending the Expo with you and Anna Christina. The polar bear shot is my favorite and, yes, Joi Mahon's coat is seriously heavy!

    My future plans are in the works. I hope to see you soon!

  6. Thanks for all the pics. I love attending Expos but distance often prohibits going due to home responsibilities. Seeing all the photos made me almost feel I was there! Such fun.

  7. It looks like you had a blast!! Oh, how fun for any seamstress! Is the event always held in the same location?

  8. Girl, you had a great time! So glad you did. You look sooo good in that channelish jacket too.

  9. Thanks for sharing your weekend with us! I'm so glad that you had a great time and bought some wonderful goodies, too.

  10. Sorry I missed the Expo and you but the asthma wouldn't allow me to go. It was only an hour away and I almost never miss it. Maybe next year. Glad you had a good time.

  11. Thanks for all the fun! The best part was getting to see all of your beautiful dresses in person. Spending time with sewing friends is so rare. I love hearing others speak my language.

  12. So great to see you again, Kyle! Nice recap of a fun event.


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