Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Simplicity 1314: done!

The fall colors at Princeton

Soooo....thank you for all of your comments regarding the post in which I asked "am I done or not done with S1314?"  You all agreed, call it a dress.  And so I did.    I have worn it to work twice now.  The first time was with dark brown stockings and brown Mary Janes but my coworker felt the brown was too dark for the dress and was pulling the eye downward too much--but I didn't take a picture.

Yesterday I wore it with medium-gray stockings and black Mary Janes, and a long light gray cardi.
Here's a closer shot.
without the cardi

And here's the back.  I'm letting my quest for back perfection go with this one.  :)

sewing the princess seam of S1314
And this is a "note to self" in case I make this dress again--Deborah from Simplicity showed me how to sew this seam in her booth at the ASE as I was totally clueless with what to do with the seam allowance here.    As for the points in the front of the dress, she offered some tips that will be in her CreativeBug class on how to sew this dress.  Honestly I struggled with the points as I wound up with a 4 seam juncture because of the way I cut the waist seam completely all the way across.  I think I will buy the class when it becomes available (she estimated November) because I'm interested in seeing how to sew those points perfectly!

S1314 inside out
And here's the inside of the can see on the lower right side of the photo, how there's a bit of the cream flannel middle layer peeking out.  This is because I'm not a quilter and couldn't keep the three layers from shifting somewhat while quilting it.   Somehow I find that to be a fun secret on the inside of my dress and not an "I don't know what I'm doing" annoyance.

I'm just realizing I never sewed a tag for this dress--hmmmmm...

Be well!!!


  1. Your dress is absolutely beautiful and that color is gorgeous on you. I don't see a problem with the back…it just looks like wearing ease to me. Love this dress and it looks great with the grey cardigan.

  2. I agree that the dress is beautiful, and the color really makes you stand out. Kudos to you for doing that quilted panel, it really turned out fabulous!

  3. Outstanding.
    -- like the "fun secret".

  4. I think it is so fabulous. Great job

  5. I think the dress fits perfectly. Not photoshop flog this dress e-tailer perfect, but real life perfect. Did you make that cardigan? I love the entire outfit.

  6. BTW, quilters don't do a better job. We just quilt first, cut second.

  7. It looks great, that colour is really great on you and it fits perfectly. You've done a great job. I love the cardi too.

  8. I'm really glad you left it alone because it looks great! I can't imagine anything I have fitting me that well.

  9. Great job! The fit looks really good and the color is so nice!


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