Friday, November 28, 2014

Online Sewing Class Confessional

Gratuitous cranberry sauce picture--it is fun to watch the berries pop open

With so many online classes on sale today/this weekend for Black Friday, now is a great time to write this post that has been brewing in my head for a while.

The Online Class Confessional Booth Is Now Open.

You have a fabric stash, a notions stash, a button it's time to talk about that other stash in your lives, one that isn't taking space on your shelves or in your house: online sewing classes.

How many online sewing classes have you purchased in your lifetime?

  • 16 Craftsy 
  • 12 Pattern Review  
  • 1 BurdaStyle
And how many of those classes did you actually do the featured project, practiced the technique and/or did the homework?
  • 1 Craftsy  (altering RTW)
  • 5 Pattern Review (jeans, serger, knits, more knits, altering pants)
  • 0 BurdaStyle
Well, if you didn't do the project/technique/homework, did you actually watch the full class, possibly maybe even taking extensive notes?
  • 4 Craftsy
  • 0 Pattern Review
  • 1 Burda Style
How about partially watched the class?
  • 3 Craftsy
  • 1 Pattern Review
  • 0 Burda Style
Oh no, so that means you haven't started watching how many classes?
  • 8 Craftsy
  • 6 Pattern Review
  • 0 Burda Style
And armed with that information, how many on-sale classes are you tempted to buy today/this weekend?
  • 5 Craftsy
  • 2 Pattern Review
  • 0 Burda Style
  • Interested in the CreativeBug subscription....
And how many will you actually buy?
  • That remains to be seen.
Fess up--how many online classes have you purchased and never watched???  No judgments here!

p.s. Thanks for your comments on my Thanksgiving food post.  I wound up going to the gym and then the grocery store (tip: there is hardly anyone at the supermarket at 9:45am on TG morning).  I then made the soup again with less onions and remade the yams again too just in case it was a butter issue.  The soup was really good but it still gave me some indigestion;  Dad said it was fine for him.   I did not eat the cranberry sauce at lunch so it's not the cranberries, I didn't put butter in the yams the second time so it's not the yams; I had asparagus too but I doubt it's that; I think it's the onion in the soup.  Next time I'll make it without onions and see what happens!

Be well!


  1. Oh man! Lol!!! That was entertaining.

    I purchased one craftsy class, realized it's not for me and haven't bought another one.

    I am tempted by some of their cooking/baking classes though!!!!

  2. I think I've purchased five Craftsy classes and never watched. I did watch most of the bra-making class but that the closest I've come. I'm not tempted to buy any more.

  3. I've purchased 2 Craftsy classes and only watched portions of one. The sale today had me quite tempted to buy again, but I'm not biting. Yet.

  4. Can. Not. Go. There.
    (I've bought too many. Not watched all of any of them. And mostly realize it's not really appeal to me as a platform because when I want to create I don't watch a class. And I never really want to just watch a class...)

  5. Wow, a stash that I'm actually not doing too bad with. I've purchased a total of 5 Craftsy classes. (That includes 2 that I purchased in the Black Friday sale yesterday.) Other than the bra-making one, the other two "old" ones were ones that I purchased quite a while back. I did partially watch one of those. The two new ones I purchased were the two sloper classes, and I'm going to make it a priority to at least watch those.

  6. Confession is good for the soul - I've purchased 7 and have watched all of them. I have not followed the classes while doing a project but I have picked up some valuable tips that I have incorporated.
    P.S. the cranberries look delish. Feel better soon!

  7. Too funny! I've purchased one class at PR and one at Craftsy. Finished the one at PR and am currently watching the Craftsy Class. I'm trying to control myself. Hope your indigestion is better.

  8. I am just like you, only substitute photography classes. I have so many, downloaded, and just waiting.

  9. I don't even want to count how many classes I have purchased. I have a ton of Craftsy classes and quite a few PatternReview classes. I would say I have watched about half and done the project for one. I rarely have the time to do the physical work but find that I can learn by watching. Today's Craftsy sale is calling me…trying to resist.

  10. Oh no! I didn't realize that I was hoarding online too. Now that I think about it, I am also hoarding pins on Pinterest and digital pictures on my computer. I have purchased 9 Craftsy classes and added Sunni Standing's zipper class for free. I have watched 4 1/2 and completed 0 projects. I enjoy watching and have learned something new from each class. I don't think I will complete the "Bombshell Dress" but learned a bit about fitting from that class.

  11. I've purchased a lot! I haven't crunched the numbers but I think I've watched about a third to half of them. I have to say that although I took an in person knitting class at a local yarn shop that my Craftsy beginner knitting class was excellent, and the thing that really got me going. I'm knitting a lace hat right now from another Craftsy class although I set it aside for a while. And I DID buy more classes today! I bought 2 knitting ones and a sewing one. What the hell. It's not really that much money and I'm psyched about them, am pretty sure they'll be the next ones I watch.

  12. I have 21 Craftsy classes and I haven't even watched half of them yet! However I'm about to have hand surgery next week so it may be the only thing that keeps me from going stark staring mad until I can do stuff again. I count them as therapy - and quite reasonably priced actually.

  13. Oh jeeze. I am right there with you. Thanks for reminding me. I bought the jeanious class two years ago (at least) and then never even watched it. I couldn't get my hands on a couple of the course materials and then forgot about it. I've been pretty good at not buying anymore.

  14. Oh boy...confessional is right! I am only counting the Craftsy classes that I had to pay for:
    I have bought 11, started watching 7 (I just bought 3 right before you posted this post), and have only finished 1 (the bra making). I am close to finishing 2 of them (Sewing Designer jeans and Pant fitting Techniques)

    I also have 4 freebies none of which I have watched.

    Ooof. At least I'm not the only one with this problem!

  15. Love your cranberry photo -- I love watching the berries pop too! I'm not really an online sewing class hoarder. I purchased, watched and made projects for 3 Craftsy classes (2 Sandra Betzina and 1 Marcy Tilton) and succumbed to the current Craftsy sale for 2 classes that I haven't watched yet (industry techniques). The one unfinished class is a cooking one for croissants -- I watched part of it but then lost interest for a while. Perhaps I'll get back to it soon, now that you've forced me to think about it again! :)

  16. Great post! I have way to many craftsy classes. I have watched a couple right through, a couple I was disappointed in and gave up and the rest are Waiting For The Right Time. Mostly I've started at some stage. I think I really have to face the fact that I'd rather browse a book than watch a class, but some classes, like thsewing with sheers one I'm watching now, are much better than a book. So yes, my name is Lynley and I have a Craftsy stash.

  17. I have bought a Marcy Tilton t-shirt class (included pattern - $9.99 deal!) which I have not watched yet and 'bought' quite a few of the free ones. I have made two of the free ones - one was great, although slow. The second free one was made possible by my sewing knowledge to finish - not the greatest instructions.
    I've also bought a shirt class which included pattern & fabric this summer but I have not put them together.

    I have made more tutorials that I've pinned on Pinterest.

    The way craftsy organizes things is not like pinterest where I can see at a glance a photo to remind me that I want to make something eventually. I don't think I can see a photo library of all my classes on Craftsy- free or otherwise. I kinda forget about it.
    I think if they can get $20+ per class, times 1000 people, craftsy could organize my library better and maybe re-do some of the classes to be more professional with some well-placed editing. The couple I've watched have a lot of pauses and sometimes I experienced a loading issue with my laptop which I've also heard from other people.
    Definitely my smallest hoard of things.

    Pinterest works for my organizational needs.

    The Creative bug classes look interesting, but based so far on my available time to watch a slow video, a monthly subscription would not work with my squirrely work schedule.

  18. This post is very timely as I counted up my Craftsy classes yesterday=13 purchased, and many watched, and some completed. I watched Beginning Knit Lab so many times last winter, and will come back to it again. The Tilton tee class is one of my faves to watch in bits for review. I have a Beginning Serger class which I also use as a reference. LOve my online classes!

  19. Your statistics make me feel better. Mine are similar.

  20. I'm late to replying to this post. I completed 3 PR classes to date and have purchased a total of 6 (includes 2 from the recent sale). I've yet to watch any of them, but I plan too. I want to learn to make bras and do better at making button-front shirts.


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