Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A favorite is a favorite: New Look 6843

Darlings, I'm not sure how many more of these NL 6843 skirts you can take, but here's another one.
The fabric is the other one of the two black and white knits I purchased at Paron's at the end of Sept with ATP.
The sides are matching-ish.

It's my favorite A-line skirt pattern, NL 6843. This time I used the front for both the front and the back with the darts folded out.    This fabric wasn't as stretchy as the last skirt so I used two fronts.  I guess I could have used the back but with only two of the darts folded out instead of all four.

I wound up cutting it on the bias for interest, but this did make me feel a bit nauseous.  Ha ha.


I haven't cut anything on the floor in a LONG time (like years) but this was the fast (and lazy) way for me to cut this out.  It was also a long time since I cut out fabric with scissors instead of my rotary cutter.

As far as hemming, I went with the 3 thread rolled hem.  Note to self: you, um, have to remove that left needle for the 3 thread rolled hem to look good--otherwise the serger is trying to loop around that left, threadless needle and the smaller the stitch width is, the worse it looks.  Sure, it's fine at a stitch length of 2, but anything smaller than that and it's not good.

I stabilized the hem with woven fusible interfacing.

This is what it looked like after one pass on the serger:
So I went around a second time to fill it in a bit more:
I might actually Sharpie marker the rest of those white spots out.  Did you know they make a Sharpie marker specifically for marking clothes?  Yes, they do!
My coworker was right; the basement of our office had the perfect backdrop with its white, black, and gray lines.

I wore it with a cardi last week.
The oops shot. I was trying to decide how to pose next when she took the picture.
Here are the others in the NL6843 series....

I wish you could smell this.

I did not sew last weekend because I read a novel and baked for the office Thanksgiving potluck. We have our potluck two Mondays before TG because a lot of people take the week of TG off, and this year that includes ME!

I make my cookies from scratch, using real butter, real sugar, real eggs, real vanilla extract...and almost twice as many walnuts as the Toll House recipe calls for.  I had not baked in a long time because of my huge work project and my coworkers were definitely appreciative.   My dessert was the first dessert to be completely eaten--all gone by the end of the afternoon.

Be well!


  1. I love L.O.V.E. that fabric, and this pattern is perfect for it. I'm not counting how many times you've made it ... I do the same thing when I find a winner.

  2. I agree with Debbie, love this fabric. Great job and you are making me hungry with those cookies.

  3. Super cute skirt. And you made me hungry.

  4. I think that's my favourite one Kyle. What great fabric. Each one looks completely different so no one but us sewing people would notice!

  5. You can NEVAH have too many good looking skirts! I say make it a few more times because each version is extra cute! Enjoy your week off next week - hope you're able to get some more sewing done!

  6. This skirt looks so cute on you Kyle! Each version is unique. You could probably make ten more and no one would think anything of it. I love the way you styled this one with the cardi and tights.

  7. Love your skirt. It's fine to make the same skirt again. Each time you do, it's a different fabric so it looks different anyway! Those cookies are making my mouth water...

  8. I wish I was still working...then I would copy your wonderful outfit and look oh so stylish while wrangling junior high kids.


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