Friday, March 20, 2015

Wonder Clips, Piping, Zipper Feet, and Butterick 6072

Ok, maybe I went a little overboard with the Wonder Clips...

Above, from left to right, is a wonder clip right side up (red is up), a wonder clip upside down (clear is up) and a regular binder clip

I've become a huge fan of Wonder Clips for holding together multiple layers of fabric for bag making.

There isn't too much difference between a wonder clip that is right side up vs upside down, but if you use it right (red) side up, the clear side is completely flat against your machine and won't get caught on anything.  Regular binder clips definitely work too, but the silver part of the clip tends to get snagged on the edge of the machine.

Wonder Clips come in packs of 10 (I think Jacqui bought me my first 10 pack--thank you!) and then I bought the 50 pack.

Here I'm sewing the other side of the zipper sandwich to the front of the backpack.  Red side is up.

I'm using my old machine in the above pic because I prefer the old-style zipper foot (there is piping between the layers--otherwise I'd use a regular presser foot).

However I went over to my newer machine (above) to use the newer style zipper foot because the old style foot was having trouble on the corners, the side pockets and with the strapping and kept sliding off. The new zipper foot seemed to handle corners/side pockets/strapping better.

Anyway, I always sew around piping multiple times to get an even, consistent appearance, first one one side and then flipped over to the other side, and then repeat if needed.  I had to repeat a lot because of the corners/side pockets/strapping.

About the piping:  I used store bought piping this time instead of making my own.  On the left is store bought piping that has not been ironed; the piping on the right has been ironed.  As you can see, ironing makes a big difference and will prevent lumpiness in the finished product.

Current status:  Coming along....

It needs the lining piece with the pockets to be sewn inside.
Finish line is definitely this weekend.

Final strap length and closure for the exterior flap are TBD.
Izzy looks out at today's snowfall mid-afternoon
I was wrong; March 5 was not the final snow of the season.

Be well!


  1. The backpack is looking fantastic.

    The snow will give you a good reason to stay home and sew.

  2. Outstanding!
    The snow threw me. Oh my!
    70' and freezing at night here in kyoto!

    Have not been to Daisy yet but I am on the lookout for your giant zipper. I need one or two.

  3. Outstanding!
    The snow threw me. Oh my!
    70' and freezing at night here in kyoto!

    Have not been to Daisy yet but I am on the lookout for your giant zipper. I need one or two.

  4. Great work on that backpack! So professional looking.

  5. Your backpack is outstanding-really a wonderful job and so professional. Thanks for the tips on Wonder Clips-I must have been using then upside down.

  6. Swooning ove your bag and to think its not finished. Love It ! ! I recently switched from tote bags to backpacks and loving them, especially during the winter. Recently purchased a backpack pattern and your poats are so timely.

  7. The backpack looks FANTASTIC!!!!! So incredibly well made! Can't wait to see it finished!

    Ugh snow. We are supposed to get more snow. I hope it's just a dusting.

  8. I LOVE THISSSSS backpackkkk. I want to make a bag now!! I havent made a bag in a while! Great work so far.

  9. Wow, Kyle! The backpack you made is very cool! I love it. Hope all is well (other than the late snowfall). Sorry I've been out of touch.


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