Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The middle of Me-Made-May 2015 #mmmay15

Now that we're approaching the end of May, I figured I better get my act together and post my pix for days 13-25 of Me-Made-May 2015 before they pile up too much.
New Look dresses....
  • I don't think that brown dress is so pointy in real life--it was sooooo windy that day....that was the best shot of the bunch and my photographer that day had to lend me her sunglasses to use as a headband to control the poof...
  • I love the purple with the scarf collar.
  • The gray dress with the points is not a favorite of mine--I don't like the skirt.  Am tempted to remove the skirt and make the front just straight without pleating.

Simplicity / New Look / And a PR pattern

  • Definitely want to make more of those pants and maybe the top again too
  • Love that skirt--you can't see the crosshatch pattern but I just love it
  • Love the turquoise New Look dress--I made it in three colors that summer--will wear one of the other colors again soon.

Three pix for one outfit

  • It was really cold suddenly last Thursday.  Perfect day to wear my quilted panel dress and my corduroy jacket.  That quilted dress is like wearing armor.

Vogue and McCalls dresses  (and my fabric stash in the middle) + Jalie shrugs

  • You would laugh if you could see the rest of that sculpture
  • There's most of my fabric stash!
  • Love that teal dress and shrug
  • I've worn that gray shrug almost every day since I've made it.  or, at least it feels that way.

Gym bonuses

  • I really love the day 18 top and skirt combo.  I really want to make a dress out of that stretch lace.
  • Day 20 tank:  the underlayer needs to be stretchier so that it is smoother
  • Definitely want to make more of each skort, though I would put the dark color on the sides next time instead of the lighter color.
How's it going with your Me-Made-May?  Are you suffering from photo fatigue yet?  Just 6 more days to go (including today!)

Be well!


  1. All of your ensembles are just fab! I love, love, love that purple dress - love it.

    1. Awww, thanks! I love that purple dress too! Reminds me of a French flight attendant. :)

  2. Your work collection looks fab. Check out that coat.
    I also love your feminine gym gear.

    1. Thanks Maria! I like how you are calling it a collection. :)


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