Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Simplicity 1283: Modified Chevron MimiG Shirt

S1283 top + NL6843 skirt
Thanks to everyone for your comments on my last post about the Ups and Downs of Chevrons.  I enjoyed them all and replied to each one.  I especially loved Kossiwa's idea about trying out a sample on paper or with scraps--usually I make samples of everything first but this time I just dived right in, like any enthusiastic beginner!
S1283 top + NL6843 skirt
Front view

Side view

s1283 top and pants
Here it is with the pants from the same pattern.  I love these pants and wear them SO much!

s1283 top and pants
Back with the pants
Back with the skirt
S1283 top + pants
With my gray Jalie shrug
My favorite pic of this outfit, even if it's not hanging straight at the bottom of the shirt.
Inside out

Changes I made:
  1. Sleeveless and collarless
  2. Cut the armholes inward for a less boxy armhole shape
  3. Bound the arm and neckholes with strips of black ITY fabric. Originally I was going to bind with the black on the outside, but it was not turning out how I wanted to so I folded it over the binding to the inside and stitched down.
  4. Lengthened the shirt by a few inches
  5. cut the front straight across instead of  with a curve
  6. Serged the raw edge of the hem and used a twin double needle to finish.
  7. Also I think I cut the 16 to begin with and then wound up at probably a 14 or maybe even a 12 with the side seams.
  8. No zipper, though it is a bit challenging to get it on and off.
I would like to make the shirt again, as intended, with a collar and sleeves, but probably not in a stripe.  I have some textured fabric from Kashi that might be fun for experimentation.  The collar definitely needs a stable fabric to look good, in my opinion.  I had a version of this with a collar but it was way too floppy and blah looking.

Thanks to Tomasa, Anna Christina and ATP for their input as I sewed up this shirt!
I leave you with flowers from the PFM.

Be well! 


  1. Love the shirt and the bottoms. Great job

  2. i am lovin' the shoes in the third photo, the gray/black tone caught my eye.

  3. You nailed the chevron effect Kyle!

  4. Wow Kyle. That stripe matching is absolutely fantastic! Bravo! And it's great you can mix and match all of those pieces.

  5. The top is as cute as I imagined and so versatile. Great job! I love it and it looks perfect on you.

  6. This modified version looks super cute! Thank you for sharing the alteration tips.

  7. Great job on the top, Kyle! It looks really cute on you! I love all your outfit combos! I need to try making the pants!

  8. Cute! I am slowly getting my sewing room back in order and hope to get back to sewing soon! Shocking, I know!


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