Monday, March 7, 2016

Simplicity 2154 Epic Skirt Post #5: The Completed Skirt, Modeled!

Simplicity 2154 #epicskirt
Thanks everyone for following along on my posts about my #epicskirt adventure:   #1 (the wool), #2 (rayon bemberg lining), #3 (sewing a lining to a kickpleat), and #4 (attaching lining to the zipper, the waistband, square snaps, and thread chains).
Simplicity 2154 #epicskirt
  Today you get to see the completed skirt, modeled! Yay!
Simplicity 2154 #epicskirt
Summary of materials:

  • Thick textured neon (fluoro as per velosewer) wool:  Elliott Berman, NYC
  • Gray rayon bemberg lining:  Vogue Fabrics, online
  • Interfacing:  Fashion Sewing Supply, online
  • Gray invisible zip:  SIL Thread, NYC
  • Large Square Snap:  Botani, NYC
  • Small Square Snap:  Daytona Trim, NYC
  • Pattern:  Simplicity 2154, a 1960's Retro pencil skirt

Simplicity 2154 #epicskirt
Sorry, the back is wrinkled from my commute to work.
Simplicity 2154 #epicskirt
I really took my time with this skirt and learned a lot along the way, as I shared in my previous posts.  This skirt took 2 weekends for me to sew, but I really got into the process.

High-level lessons learned:

  • Wool is awesome to sew and press
  • Slippery rayon bemberg isn't as difficult to work with as I thought it would be 
  • Lining a garment really makes the exterior of the garment look good.  I saw the difference after lining it.
  • Using a RTW garment as a guide is super helpful.
  • The only thing I would possibly change about this skirt is to miter the corners on the inside of the kickpleat.  The RTW study guide did NOT miter the corners, and it didn't occur to me to do that until I read Peter's post about how to miter the corners of a kickpleat which was about a week after I finished my skirt.  I was tempted to undo what I had done, but I am going to leave well enough alone.
Simplicity 2154 #epicskirt
Caption this photo

Styling a neon and gray skirt
I bought the shirt I'm wearing for $4 from a thrift shop in Princeton.  My tights are also gray.  I don't currently have any gray shoes, so I wore my navy blue shoes instead.
I would like to make a gray sweater knit top using S1283 as the base with the neckline and giant collar of the Sewaholic Renfrew.  I think that would work too.

Be well!


  1. Your skirt is gorgeous, wonderful job.

  2. You need a long necklace to break up the gray.
    Possibly utilizing these Raspberry Rhodonite stones:

    And a hot pink with gray piping bag.
    And pink pumps? Nah - too much.

  3. Such a beautiful skirt. You really did a fantastic job. you'll have this one in your wardrobe for a long time!

    Thanks for sharing the entire journey.

  4. It fits like a glove! Super job Kyle!

  5. Awesome fit! It's so flattering, you should definitely make more!

  6. It's a great skirt and worth all the hassle of lining it I'm sure. That's a good tip about mitering the corners of a kick pleat. I hadn't thought of that but it would take out a lot of bulk.

  7. It's such a great skirt... the fluro makes it kind of edgy with the basic style of the skirt. You look great in it! I agree with Kathy re a necklace, but, yeah too much with pink shoes! Lining really does make a difference, particularly to a skirt.

  8. Definitely worth all your time and attention! Came out perfect!

  9. All of your persistent and patience work certainly paid off! Now you have a high quality beautifully fitted skirt.

  10. I've loved following your journey to make this beautiful skirt !

  11. This came out great. The fabric is gorgeous. People are gonna think you're shopping at Chanel!

  12. Photo caption: "I did not photoshop these skirt photos. My skirt really looks like this."
    Congratulations on a job well done!


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