Monday, August 29, 2016

Teal Lady Skater, Label Giveaway Update, Meeting Lisa from As I Said

I'm on a teal/turquoise/aqua kick are the last three items I have machine sewn, and one that I hand stitched (the bird on Izzy's shoulder)

Labels giveaway update

Tech time and Linda T:  Please send your mailing address to me at kdburkhardt at so that I can send your labels out to you!

Above are the woven labels that are left; if you want any of these, please leave a comment below listing the label(s) you want, then please email me at kdburkhardt at with your mailing address. Open to all including international as these are thin and light and can be mailed like a letter.

Teal Lady Skater
This teal Kitschy Coo Lady Skater has been on my "to sew" list since last December, when I made the wearable muslin out of this same fabric, only in black.   This pattern has no darts in the bodice so it really lets the fabric sing without being interrupted by dart lines.

This fabric has loads of texture and is super stretchy.  At the time, I went by the size chart and sewed a size 4 grading to a size 5.  It was a bit too snug in the bust in the wearable muslin version, so I went with an overall 5 this time and I think it still kind of looks too snug in the bust (as in you can see the outline of my bra--keep in mind what I'm showing you here are the best shots and I tried 3 different bras plus a full slip) so next time I will go up to a 6 in the bust.


I made it sleeveless and bound it in some kind of mystery fabric I bought at Paron.  I didn't want to use the same fabric for the binding because it is kind of lofty and had nothing similar in the stash so during my little daytrip to NYC in June I went looking for something to match and this is what I came up with.
I stitch down my bindings from the outside, so my stitching isn't perfectly along the binding edge here, hmmmm....
A little wonky

I took about 2.25" out of the bodice at the strap and another 1.5 " out of the bodice closer to the waist on the pattern that I traced.  I knew from the wearable muslin that I needed to remove some length to get the horizontal seam of the skirt to be closer to my waist.  I added 1" to the length of the skirt that I had traced from last time, and really should have added 2" as it is a little short...but I didn't have another inch of fabric to spare, sooo....

I hemmed the dress by serging the raw edge first, cranking my DF up to 1.5 so that it would gather the edge for me, then pressed up 1" with my Elna Press, and then blind hemmed it on my machine, and then Elna Pressed again.  I really like the look of that finish.

Meeting Lisa from As I Said 
Lisa wearing her adorable striped dress which she recently stitched up--great stripe matching on the sides!!

I wore the dress to Philadelphia yesterday to meet up with Lisa from the blog As I Said (and the IG account metamorphpursuit).  I've been a reader of her blog since 2008 and this was the first time we met in person.  It was really lovely to meet her and spend the afternoon in her company.  I had not been to Philly in YEARS and it was also good to get reacquainted with the city again.

We had lunch in Reading Terminal Market, then tried to look at the exhibits next door at the Fabric Workshop and Museum but they are between exhibits right now; only the gift shop was open.  So we took the Phlash to The Philadelphia Museum of Art to see the Vlisco African Wax Print exhibit.  
It was really beautiful, I learned a lot, and I appreciated that it was not crowded (unlike the Met Man vs Machine exhibit that was overly crowded).  




In the sewing themed section.

We wrapped up the day back at the Reading Terminal Market to get some sweet treats (I highly recommend the classic whoopie pie from The Flying Monkey--outstanding!)
Goodies at The Flying Monkey
Thanks for meeting up with me, Lisa!
Be well!!


  1. That dress is so cute on you -- love the color. And your trip to Philly looks fun. I keep meaning to get there someday...

    By the way, I got the labels today -- thank you! I can't wait to use them.

  2. I love the colour and texture of that fabric. I have a 'petrol (dark teal) ponte put aside for a lady skater, why haven't I made it yet?!!

  3. Cute dress! Love all of those different shades of teal together. I think your bindings look great. It is the outside that matters after all! Thanks for sending me the little rhinestone cute!

  4. Ok - I give up. The hammer is calling my name. I keep looking at it and imagining hammering lots of rivets or grommets in something and this would be the tag....
    Your dress looks awesome as usual. Someday we are going to meet up.

  5. I keep toying with buying/making this pattern, but just haven't yet. Very flattering on you! Maybe soon! Love the beautiful fabrics in the museum.

  6. That dress is gorgeous and the fabric. Mmmm!

  7. Love your dress from a fellow teal fan ! I agree with Tomasa bindings looking great on the outside is what matters .

  8. That dress is so cute, love the fabric and sounds like a very fun day.

  9. I like the teal things you have made, including the cute lady skater dress you are wearing! You finished everything so well! Also, what a fun meetup!

  10. What a lovely day out! It's always fun to get together with sewing friends. You both look fabulous! :)

  11. The Lady Skater dress is a great style on you! I have fabric reserved for this dress some day. I will have to remember the differential feed trick for the circular hem! Okay, I would really like the cat shaped label!

  12. The texture of the fabric really adds to the chicness of this dress!


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