Sunday, January 13, 2008

First bottled water purchase of the year

'Allo from England! My confession is I made my first bottled water purchase of the year--three bottles, in fact, at Newark Airport on Friday night. I have a fear of drinking Newark Airport water, though it probably isn't any different than any other municipal water. The crazy thing was the difference in price. $1.50 for the small bottle of Dasani at the bookstore, vs. $3 for the same size, same brand bottle at the food court just a few feet away. Crazy. And Dasani isn't even from a spring, it's just filtered municipal tap water. Sigh.

The main priority for my first day here was to sleep off the jet lag after the overnight flight. Now I'm here enjoying Canister Vacuum's company. Plus we'll probably go shopping today and either go to a pub or the 'Hut for dinner tonight. Fun!


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