Saturday, January 19, 2008

Vacationing without bottled water

So, it's been a week since my arrival in England, and Canister Vacuum and I have gone on quite a few day trips--to Liverpool, Manchester and Chesterfield, as well as eating out at various places for meals and snacks. It's been very easy to not drink bottled water! No one has denied us tap water, and we haven't been charged for it, either. Only one place, a museum in Liverpool, had water that wasn't too tasty; it tasted a bit like melon, which I know can happen when you keep your filtered water in a fridge with fruit. Oh, and we went to two different Costa coffee locations where I was asked if I wanted ice in my tap water--nice! Costa Coffee charges more money for their cookie and cake snacks if you eat in with the snack on a real plate instead of taking it out in a paper bag or whatnot, which I find interesting. Most places have given me a real glass with tap water. The Ikea snack bar gave me a paper cup with "30 cL" written on its side, but I used a real glass in its cafeteria. So far I don't think I've been given a plastic cup for water, and definitely no styrofoam. Though I have seen people at lunchtime walking down the street eating straight out of styrofoam takeout containers.

Since I feel more normal than I have all week, that means it's just about time to go back to the US and back to work on Monday, sigh! Wish it could have been a two week vacation!

And here's something I should have blogged about a few weeks back. Sally at work suggested that I bring my "year without bottled water" idea to the gym, as in promoting the idea of not using bottled water among the staff and members at the gym. I'd say about half the people in my classes have bottled water and the rest use sports bottles or even a paper cup with a straw. I don't know if I'm up to such a task, but it's something to consider doing!!

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