Thursday, January 3, 2008

That's a good idea

I'm getting some positive feedback already.

Sally at work said that she didn't drink soda yesterday because it came in a plastic bottle. (Sally's leaving her job tomorrow, I'm so sad to see her go! Don't go!)

At the gym tonight, the instructor asked us what our new year's resolutions were. I said, "a year without bottled water" and she said, "oh, that's a good one" and someone else verbally agreed, plus there was a lot of nodding. (Other resolutions of my classmates were "to lose 6 more pounds" (said the older, skinny guy who doesn't need to lose 6 more pounds) and "I'm here" (said a woman I haven't seen before).) Another classmate asked how I was going to live without bottled water. I pointed to my sports bottle. Yes, it's plastic but it's reusable and I'm filling it with Brita water.

The best stories are ones with some kind of conflict or struggle. So far, it's been pretty easy being bottled-water-free. At work I use the recently-installed water cooler. This one is hooked into the pipes. It chills and heats water so it's very handy and convenient. At home I've been using my Brita pitcher. At home and work I use the sparkle cups from CVS and for the gym, I fill up the sports bottle before I leave work. So far, so good. But maybe that means boring reading for you.

Oh, and I do drink V-8 from a can. I failed to mention that as one of my drinks in the previous post.

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