Sunday, October 19, 2008

Special 100% cotton contest preview! plus yesterday's sewing

Warning: hair was not done for the pix! Some skin is being shown!

Why is it that I start to wake up on Sunday nights?
Today I worked on my 100% cotton lined jacket for the, you guessed it, 100% cotton contest. I got it to a point so I could wear it out to dinner tonight with a former coworker of mine. He's in town for a work retreat, and I wound up seeing several former coworkers--they all were looking at my outfit but no one said anything about it (note, I did not go outside in my sweatpants and raglan shirt)...This jacket has an amazing lining which they can't see of course--but the outside is a bit big. That's good for layering (I wore the purple cowl neck I made yesterday and my favorite brown jacket underneath this new jacket). So I don't know what they were thinking--that the front seaming looks a bit odd...or that it was too big or whatever. Here it is unbuttoned as I see it lying here in bed..I adore that lining! And it doesn't look so bad from far away. I'm thinking of changing the button. I'm also thinking of making it smaller. Hmm...I could also make it into a long A-line style coat...hmmm....but it is already quite heavy as it is (the outside is 100% cotton uncut corduroy, the interior is 100% cotton quilters cotton).

Yesterday I made some things for the Stash Pattern Contest. Well, I "get" one point for make 3 garments from one pattern package (This time, McCalls 4664). I wanted to make the halter top but wound up making the skull cap and pullover shirt as well (isn't the cap just ADORABLE! I mean, it's not a real swimmers cap but it is so adorable--I will definitely make more of those in fleece!)

I wasn't sure if I should post the bikini top pix but I figured if I'm going to wear it on Waikiki Beach, I can wear it in my blog (and on SPR). [This line of thinking is, of course, subject to reconsideration!)

Then I tackled Simplicity 3634. It was a fast sew--just one hour--and it features my new cowl-neck obsession. I bought the pattern last weekend so it doesn't count for the stash contest, though.

And here's one of the feral cats taking a snooze this afternoon on my lawn chair. Awwww!

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