Sunday, October 19, 2008

Last weekend's blue sewing

Eek, this weekend's already half over and I haven't written about last weekend's sewing yet!
Well, it was very "blue".
First I fixed the New Look 6762 "disaster shirt". There was just something wrong with the drafting of the pattern, specifically the length of the collar band, as confirmed by other Sewing Pattern Reviewers. I thought about how to "fix" the shirt on and off for a few weeks--and with the stash contest deadline looming, I finally got down to business last weekend and fixed it! After a few tries, I wound up adding a casing underneath the collar band and put elastic in it, and that created a "gathered" effect that also covered up the shoulder darts. I am thinking about trying to make a turtleneck using this kind of effect.

I used the same knit aqua colored fabric to make the "goddess" shirt Simplicity 3536--but the deep cowl neckline and overly tight torso means I won't be wearing this one outside the house--ever! It looks good on me just standing there, but it's not practical. And forget bending over!

Then I made another stash pattern--New Look Tunic 6677 in a similar blue color. I changed up the collar to a ruffle a la Clever Girl...(no collar stand for me, though). Overall I was proud of how carefully I lined up the stripes and whatnot and how my V-neck is not all puckered. On the other hand, I think this top kinda looks like pjs!

What do you think???

Of course these have all been Sewing Pattern Reviewed.

I sewed more today but I am so tired and must get to sleep, so a post about today's sewing will have to wait! No work this weekend (hurrah!). My choices for tomorrow are:
a. Start sewing my new jacket for the latest SPR contest (100% cotton)
b. Clean up my house, do chores, go grocery shopping, do laundry.
c. A combo of a and b.

Which one do you think I'll choose?


  1. Wow! All of your sewing adventures look amazing. Your tunic shirt looks almost identical (except for color) to a shirt that I got at Ann Taylor Loft yesterday! So professional.

    BTW, my guess is that you will do a combo of a and b. I say this because you might be able to fill a whole day with sewing, but I, on the other hand, would need to have several other projects going at the same time to be happy. Thus, taking a break to wipe down the counters in the kitchen or throw in a load of laundry, sounds just about perfect to me.

  2. Hello! Great shirts! You know I love me some ruffled collars. Good job with your many, many projects. I still think that cowlneck belongs outside the home. Under a blazer? Just remember not to bend down, or place the modesty hand on your upper chest to hold down that bias-draped front. :)

  3. Meg: I wound up sewing the 100% cotton lined jacket today! I didn't do any cleaning or laundry or grocery shopping. My house looks like it's been ransacked. But the jacket is pretty much done. Pix and post to come later! I'm thinking about tweaking the jacket a bit more. (Typically I do laundry and sew, but today was all about the sewing! Until I went out to dinner.)

    Antoinette: Yes, you and I are in the same ruffled collar boat! :) I don't see myself leading the meeting wearing the cowl neck, though--much less bending over the table to set up the laptop and projector. Though maybe it would get everyone's attention? :)

  4. I love every one of these! What great colors.

    There are so many projects on your site that I have the patterns for or want to get. It's great being able to see them actually sewn up by someone. Thanks for the inspiration. Now I just have to find the time.

  5. Thanks for your kind words, lsaspacey! I love sewing clothing, even when it doesn't come out right I usually learn something!


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