Sunday, February 22, 2009

The story that put Warrington, England on the map for Americans

That could be my hair, but Pete
doesn't wear hats like that...
Photo courtesy AFP/Andrew Yates

Whenever people ask where Pete lives, I usually say Manchester. I'm guessing most Americans know Manchester for its part in the Industrial Revolution or because of David Beckham and his former football (soccer) team, Manchester United.

But Pete actually lives in Warrington (where??), 20 minutes from Manchester.

And now Americans will know Warrington as that quirky town that prohibits kissing at one of its rail stations.

I actually have been at that train station, though I don't ever recall holding up any commuters due to kissing (or anything else for that matter).

Light sewing weekend, but I used my new rotary cutter and cutting mat for the first time ever today--it is AMAZING! I should have tried that a long time ago!

I'm making a bathrobe and I'm going to add piping to it--it will be my first time ever with piping--wish me luck! I've had the fabric since 1994--perfect for SPR's fabric stash contest which ends on Saturday 2/28. Do I have to pre-shrink the piping? It's store-bought piping...

There's a pillow I want to make with stash fabric too. We'll see if I get there in rotary cutter and mat should make it easy!!


  1. Haha, it must have been a slow news week because the "no kissing" sign has been reported on national radio here in the UK twice now... but some Americans may remember Warrington as the location of Burtonwood airforce base, which was used by the USAF in WWII (see

  2. You should look into picking up a rotary blade sharpener, too. link:

    I use it before each new project. It will really extend the life of your rotary blade, because those little gems get quite expensive ;)

  3. Well, I believe that if the piping is 100% polyester, which most piping is (at least the piping cover), you won't need to pre-wash it. I would still pre-wash the cotton terry though, to pre-shrink it. But you probably already did that. I'm just sayin'...


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