Sunday, February 1, 2009

Our history in pix

photos for our visa application
Pete & Kyle, 2003-present

Well, the photos I sent to CVS to be printed weren't high enough resolution (my fault). So I got the high res ones together and sent them off again to be printed. Picked them up at the CVS on the corner. The quality of the prints wasn't the best. I think it's just their printing process since the second batch were definitely high res when I uploaded them. I raided my photo frames and picture albums to get some higher quality prints. I stopped printing photos after our Hawaii 2006 trippy bip, and I didn't have all photos from before then anyway, but at least half of them are high quality prints.

So here is our history in pix. Let's start the show!
Clockwise, starting in the upper left corner:
  • Sandy Hook Dec 2003 (our first photo together! That was when things were just getting started. Both of us had hair that was a lot longer then. Pete also had a lot of piercings at that time)
  • Hiking Diamond Head 2005.
  • On the London Eye 2006.
  • At the K&W in Myrtle Beach 2007.
  • On Kauai, Hawaii with yet another beautiful waterfall, Nov. 2008.
  • In my parents front yard while we "hug" a tree, Earth Day 2008.
  • At the Royal Kona luau on the Big Island of Hawaii, 2006.
  • With my PDB annotation poster at ACA, Chicago, July 2004.
  • Saying goodbye at London Heathrow airport in Jan 2004.
In the middle :
  • With King Kong at the Empire State Bldg, summer 2005
  • At the Sharaton Waikiki Christmas tree, Nov 2008.
So I'd say the combined amount of my time for putting my part of the application together was 8 hours. Pete also put a lot of hours in scanning his phone bills, itineraries and cards I sent him.

The complete app
Here's the completed app. I mailed it tonight!
I will hear back from the lawyer this week as to if this is enough. If it is, she will send it to the USCIS for approval, which takes 6-8 months.

I'm so excited and also very tired!

Coming soon: my "goals for 2009" post and my "wedding items of interest" post.


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  1. Hey there, I missed so much detail from your engagement announcement post! Like the fact that Pete left to go back overseas, that you had listed your preferences for your wedding, incl. dress plans, that your photos were part of the visa documentation, etc. I went back and read it tonight and it all makes sense now. :)

    I hope you're getting enough time to heal and get better as you adjust to putting on your own socks again. LOL How neat to see your life together in a photo journey. Can't wait to hear about those 2009 resolutions!


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