Sunday, June 28, 2009

Can this shirt be saved?

I worked on Simplicity 2594 view B tonight, which I had estimated to be a 1 hour shirt. Ha ha ha ha. Two hours later, here's what I'm at.

just pinned on the side, simplicity 2594, view B

It's just pinned on the side for the photo.

I had trouble with the tucks at the dropped shoulder, so I changed that to gathering.
The directions have the yoke being ironed with the 5/8 seam and then sewn over with topstitching. It's just plain ugly on the right shoulder but not too bad on the left.

this is plain ugly

this is better

Here's the back of the shirt:
back of shirt

Here's an idea I have to cover up the ugliness:
idea to cover up ugliness

But most likely I will just rip it apart and start over, to sew it from the inside and then topstitch.

Or abandon it.

Is anyone else watching Expedition: Africa on the History Channel? I'm hooked on it. It seemed a bit like Survivor, but without the tribal councils and eliminations and whatnot, and with only 4 main "characters". It wasn't a surprise to learn it's produced by Mark Burnett.

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  1. I think it's def. salvageable, and the style looks so good on you that if you want to put it down for a few weeks to cool off, I'd understand.

    Even though I don't think that right shoulder looks bad, I might also lean toward unpicking and re-sewing it. Having said that, I can also see taking the "cover-up" solution one step further and going for full-on military-style epaulets.

    Haven't seen Expedition Africa, but I also have never watched Survivor, believe it or not.


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