Thursday, June 4, 2009

Japanese English

When I wrote about my heart touching router, Antoinette left this comment:
Sweeeet! Any chance the box was printed (and the copy written) in China or Japan? I lived in Japan as a child and always loved all of the just-missed-the-meaning translations that would get printed on their products. Funny stuff!

I love that she lived in Japan! How lucky!

I spent two weeks in Japan during July 2001. During my cleanout of the last two weekends, I have rediscovered quite a few "funny English" items I acquired during my visit.

9 days wonder: can't recall an important event in my life
Nine Days Wonder: can't recall an important event in my life t-shirt

Back of a shirt

front of same shirt; tags still attached; it was 980 yen (about 10 bucks)

Enjoy your summer vacation.  Best vacation ever.
Enjoy your summer vacation!
Best vacation ever!

Toothbrush: it's my daily magic rite!
Always near to me, making my teeth white and putting a smile on my face.
My magic brush!!

Hmmm..wonder what this says?
Wonder what this says...

I'll post more another time.

Which one is your favorite??


  1. Maybe the "Nine Days Wonder..." shirt should actually be read as "Can't recall nine days wonder: an important event in my life"?

  2. The toothbrush card is making me wonder if I take my toothbrush for granted. I never thought of it as a part of my daily magic rite, but maybe it is. ?

    I'm at my parents' and I bet they have some relics with fun sayings.... I'll let you know if I find anything worthy of pics! :)

  3. I've read quite a lot about Japanese English, always get a kick out of it. My favorite is the rabbits even though I don't know what they're saying!


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