Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Part Deux: Can this shirt be saved?

I'm feeling so much better, I can't even begin to describe it. When I feel new pain (like it switches from left to right, or my knee hurts) I think "There's nothing wrong with me." It's something I came up with on the drive back to work post-Len on Monday. It seems to be helping. We had a one hour meeting this afternoon in these really awful conference room chairs and my back was NOT screaming like it was as little as a month ago. Pain level is a 1/2/3.

I have acupuncture tmw night, 5pm, be there or be square!!

Ok, so last night I posted more ebay stuff.
Tonight I worked on the shirt.
I snuggled up to my seam ripper and ripped out the shoulders, then redid the pleats and sewed the seam from the inside and that combo seemed to resolve bumpiness issues. I am not going to topstitch it. It's not really necessary and may create lumpiness.
So much better!!  Simplicity 2594

Then I sewed down the sides but it was too tight around the hips, so I did a minimal seam allowance starting after the waist downward, which makes it look better in the front, but the back has weird fabric pooling above my derriere when it's supposed to be all loose and flow-y.

Then I remembered that I cut the tunic length instead of the shirt length so I will either:
A. make side slits
B. if that looks weird, then I will cut the tunic down to shirt length, which should eliminate that problem.

Then I sewed the right side arm hole (fold and fold under again and sew) and it's all wavy. To fix that, I will rip it out and use single fold bias tape instead, clipping it as I go.

Ugly sleeve hem but the other bit is pretty!

Also, I didn't like how the cowl was draping. I tried sewing that down and that looks ugly, so I will rip that out.

Time spent tonight: 1.5 hours, plus 2 on Sun night = 3.5 hours thus far. Maybe I will work on it more tmw night. I'm feeling hopeful for it!!

Tmw is July 1. Holy cow. Time is just speeding by. Crazy!

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  1. Every time I start feeling sneezy and achy, I think to myself, "I can't be sick. I never get sick." It keeps me from falling into full-blown illness more often than you'd think! The power of the mind...

    I really liked the shirt on you before. Cowl looked good. Is the fabric pooling a swayback thing? I've read about that on so many other blogs. I think there's a pattern adjustment for it. I suppose if the shirt is tight all around the hips that's a matter of sizing, but if it's pooling without being tight around the hips, it's a swayback thing. I think.


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