Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sheer delight!

What does that drawing look like to you?
What does that drawing look like to you??

Week in review

Tuesday: Had massage at the gym. Deep tissue massage for half an hour was a bit too much like physical therapy for me. Next time I want something more superficial--like pampering--and less expensive--like $1 a minute.

Thursday: Had dinner with my friend Ellen from the gym. She caught me up on all gym gossip. I was so happy to talk with someone from that part of my life.

Friday: Saw chiropractor after work. Len is a magician. He worked on my knees and my back. That night, I walked up the stairs for the first time in 5 years without any knee pain at all (the pain has since come back in my right knee but the left one still feels like new!). My back was slightly aggravated from his treatment but I'm definitely willing to give him a shot!! He said his treatments will be 15 minutes each time, twice a week for a month, and that what he does will last progressively longer after each visit. I see him tmw night and then he is off for the rest of the week as the official chiropractor for some track and field event, but thereafter I can definitely see him twice a week for a month. He hopes that I won't have to go back to the orthopedic. His office is conveniently located close to work. 15 minutes a session beats upwards of 2 hours of therapy per visit!

Yesterday: My ebay auctions ended. I somehow entered the wrong amount for postage for one item (much much much much less than it should have been) but it worked out because the buyer wanted to have it mailed Express Mailed to San Diego and asked for a revised invoice--phew! Otherwise my mistake would have wiped out a good portion of what I made on this batch of ebay!!

Today we celebrated my parents 45th wedding anniversary (which was actually last weekend) and Father's Day.

Exterior of Anniversary card
Card I made...much better than Hallmark!

45th Anniversary Refrigerator Cake
Fridge cake I made...with chocolate chips forming "45"

Fabric for mom's sapphire anniversary apron
Fabric for apron I made for mom.

LOVE those numbers!
LOVE these numbers on the box of Thomas Sweet chocolate!!

Dad spent a good portion of the afternoon installing my new double traverse rod with new sheers and old curtains):
The new double traverse rod with sheers!!
They are sheer bliss (heh heh)! I am so in love with these curtains! Plus my parents hauled away my un-ebay-able stuff that I was getting rid of so the living room is looking clean and tidy again. And Hal gave a little dance recital too. Hal is really such a joy!! I highly recommend!!

Sunset over the condos
The sun sets on another day....wish I had tomorrow off--good night!


  1. A lawn mower! With which to vacuum the lawn! (If I don't get at least one quiz question for your blog right, I might scream.) LOL

    What a cool, cool photo of your parents. This is the vibe that every cool kid today is trying to emulate. Love. And what about that sunset? Amazing and beautiful for first day of summer.

    Have a great week!

  2. Yes, I knew it was a lawnmower! What a fabulous photo of your dad and mom, yes. Love the cake and chocolate numbers, and the apron fabric. Your parents must be thrilled with you! Also, your curtains are the same color blue as the ones I made from a remnant for my Washington, D.C. apartment!


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