Sunday, September 26, 2010

American Sewing Expo Days 2 and 3

American Sewing Expo sign
I was just SO tired last night, that I didn't post pix or write a blog posting. But I have energy tonight! And if you haven't read my account of the American Sewing Expo day 1, it's here.

Ok, so...I attended more seminars each day (4 yesterday and 2 today, including a 3 hour session on zippers and sleeves that started at 8:30am!), 2 fashion shows yesterday, and the grand prize dream sewing room drawing tonight (nope, didn't win!). I also hung out a lot at the Sewing Pattern Review booth and met fellow sewing pattern reviewers, and even you guys, the readers of my blog!

I had a BLAST and learned so much these past few days. I will have to review my notes because I think my brain is going to explode with all the sewing tips I've learned. One that I will put into practice right away (and was taught by two different instructors in their respective sessions today) is to lower the needle in the fabric first and THEN lower the presser foot. If you do it the opposite way, your fabric (or zipper and fabric) shifts when the presser foot is lowered. Genius!

On to the pictures!

The Gun and Knife show was also going on at the same time.

Gun & Knife Show

Yes, people (well, mostly men) were walking around with double barreled shotguns and the like! It was pay-to-park and the guy says to me, are you here for the sewing expo? and I said, what, you didn't peg me as the guns and knife type?
the gun show sign

No word on when this is, though:
Bed Bug Invasion Seminar

So what is the expo like? If you have ever attended an expo or conference for your job that has a vendor floor, it's just like that, only all sewing related, and the attendees are 98% female! Booth after booth of folks selling sewing related items. A few exhibits. Free demos and seminars with a fee. Hands on classes. I had to laugh, the first stall in each bathroom was "reserved for instructors and exhibitors".

You know I sew 95% Simplicity and New Look patterns! The Simplicity booth had patterns for sale $3 New Looks, $5 Simplicitys, most of which are from their fall 2010 line
the Simplicity booth

The Cynthia Rowley ruffle dress is on the wall there:
the Simplicity booth

In talking with the Simplicity folks, I learned that the employees make their own clothes and that sometimes multiple people come to work wearing the same dress. Sometimes they stay late to sew, or sew during their lunch hour. How cool is that, though can you imagine the pressure on Monday morning?

The Project Runway patterns are designed by Simplicity designers, then sent to Project Runway for approval. Tim Gunn is not involved.

The person who answers the email and the person who answers the phone for Simplicity help desk type questions was there. They said they have a busy season, which is the fall and holiday season, and that the help desk drops off in the summer.

Here's PR member "Leslie in Austin" with the person who I believe is the owner of Fashionista Fabrics. Leslie is also Antoinette's friend, how about that? They're in the Pattern Review booth:
Leslie in Austin and the owner of Fashionista Fabrics

Here Leslie and I are yesterday modeling various wraps we've made;
Leslie in Austin and I in various wrap styles

Then today we wore the Jalie scarf shirt:
Me with SPR member Leslie in Austin

And here's Connie from, yesterday. I met Connie at SPR weekend Philly.
Connie from

Connie modeling her dress during the SPR Natural Fibers contest/runway show:

The Passion for Fashion runway show was very Project Runway; they didn't know what the challenge would be when they arrived; designers had to make a dress inspired by a vintage car; they had to buy all materials from the vendors on the exhibitor floor Friday morning; they had all day Friday and part of Saturday to complete their look; there was a runway show Saturday night; designers and models had to answer questions from the judges (no tears were shed). Here they are, lined up to answer questions:

More Passion for Fashion designers and models

Passion for Fashion designers and models

The winning garment:
The 2010 Passion for Fashion first place winner

Although it is simple, this dress below was my favorite (can you guess what car was the inspiration for that dress?)
My favorite Passion for Fashion dress

I fly out tomorrow morning. I'll answer your questions from my Day 1 post later this week--if you have more questions about the expo please let me know and I'll do a posting answering all questions!

Good night!


  1. Pink Cadillac? Loving that you love the expo, and that you have learned so much, and that you met Leslie! Thanks for all the updates.

  2. I liked the pink dress too, such an unusual combination that was really pretty. Also, scarf tops unite! :)

    We met at the Expo on Saturday and I wanted to point you in the direction of my blog.

  3. I love the Project Runway themed fashion show! It sounds so intimidating!

  4. It was nice to meet you at the Expo. =) You've done a great job of blogging your trip. Hopefully we will meet again in the future.


    P.S., yes, that is Melody of Fashionista Fabrics. =)

  5. Sounds like a fabulous whirlwind! Thanks for the recap.

  6. You have some great photos of the expo! Loved seeing you again!

  7. So nice meeting you at the Expo. I had an absolute blast and was so thrilled to get to meet all my friends I hadn't yet met!

  8. Hey! I recognize those girls! It was so great to meet you, Kyle. Clearly we're sisters on some level, given our unintentionally coordinated outfits: blue and brown wraps, then our matching Jalie tops. Come visit Antoinette and me in Austin!!


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