Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The rebirth of Simplicity 3835

Vanessa over at Sew Filled to the Brim gave me and 4 fellow bloggers an award! Thanks Vanessa! I'm supposed to write 10 things about myself. Maybe in a future post??

Thanks everyone for your comments about the Superman dress in my last post. It was a big hit at work--the color seemed to be what caught their attention. Ironically the color is a lot like the color of Simplicity 3835 that I made in Sept 2008. It's the Built By Wendy shirt that everyone's sewn--though I used the sleeves from the minidress on the shirt. I *loved* and *adored* that shirt with all my heart but it is just too small in the biceps for me and even if I sewed minimal seam allowances, it was still going to be too small in the biceps. (I made it again in a different color and fabric later on, this time making the sleeves in a much larger size for better ease).

So here you can see the struggle of the fabric against my bulging biceps:
Finished prdt, Simplicity 3835, view B
Gosh wasn't my hair short then???

Good morning!  Sept 1, 2008

I still adore those ties:
Detail of sleeve ties

So I recently gave the original shirt to my friend who wishes to remain anon, hence the lack of name and headless shot. She wore it to work today. She is super slim, so a belt cinches the shirt quite nicely. The sleeves are the right size for her too.
Simplicity 3835's rebirth

The funny part is two fold: she said the first person she saw this morning, the school crossing guard, said he liked her shirt! and one of our co-workers said to her "Kyle made that, didn't she?" I only wore this shirt to work maybe twice in the fall of 2008.

I was reading a Deepak Chopra book about how everything has a soul, even a rock. So that shirt's soul is very happy right now to be out of my closet and worn by someone who also loves it!

This is our last week in our temporary office space til we move back to our original floor. Here is a picture of my cube:
My cube

And here's the view from my cube:
View from my cube
There's a concrete Picasso out there! Well, there's more to the story than that, I just don't feel like writing it all out.

My right back is all annoyed again. The good news is I no longer feel my left SI joint. Pain, pain, go away and never return! (that statement, by the way, would not be endorsed by my meditation CD, as it says something like "fighting against your pain and tensing up around it only worsens and intensifies it").

Good night!


  1. Your co-worker looks great in that shirt! Hope your back feels better!

  2. That is a great looking shirt. You have done some amazing things.

  3. What a wonderful rebirth! You did a nice job on the shirt, and it looks great on your co-worker!

  4. I should make that shirt for fall--thanks for the tip on the tight sleeves.


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