Sunday, September 5, 2010

All sorts of stuff: sewing, cupcakes, flowers, Hal

Thanks everyone who commented on my vacation posts. I know most folks are here for the sewing, so thanks for coming along on my vacation with me!

So! I'm going to the American Sewing Expo in Novi, Michigan later this month. The seminar registration was kind of overwhelming, having to choose all seminars I want to attend up front, but I finally did my homework and plotted it all out. And because I was doing this so late in the game, many hands on seminars were already sold out, which saved me a little bit on registration. I'm attending Fri-Sat-Sun and am really excited about it!

I'm trying to decide what to sew tomorrow...
Dress A, but in which fabric (The "Superman" blue knit? The subdued gray knit? Or the cherries or the owls? The printed fabrics would be for sleepwear...)
Which one???

Or make dress B, for the third time, but in which fabric? The navy blue? The brown with embroidered flowers? Or well, I don't know what this fabric is officially called, it's some kind of aqua and brown suiting that frays a lot--with piping?
Which one??

Or the pink shirt, but in blue jet set? Trena recently made it, in red.
This one???

Gosh, it's kind of like house hunters! Which one will I choose??

Ok, so here are some flowers from the Farmer's Market this past Thursday. Green eyed daisies (my favorite) and something called purple millet, that smells like maple syrup. Mmmm...
Farmer's market "Green eyed" daisies and purple mullet
Do you see the shadows of the flowers on the table? So very cool!

A new bakery opened in town, called "L'affaire Bakery". I bought a brownie, cookie, and a cupcake.
L'affaire cupcake

And Hal found my missing pattern's flickering in the wind (it's not like Hal is moving it in the picture):
Hal always finds treasure!


  1. It looked and sounded like you had a fabulous holiday. I vote for Dress A in the beautiful deep blue-coloured fabric.

  2. Welcome back! I am a fan of the pink shirt in the blue jet set. BTW, I really like all of your pattern choices, and am excited to see the one you choose!

  3. I like the third option best, in the blue. Though owls are always a good idea!


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