Sunday, September 19, 2010

Meet Emma, my first dressform


Look at what my mom found for me, $20 at a consignment store! I've named her Emma. She's smaller than I am (she has a very trim 26.5 inch waist), but I can pin fabric to her and hang garments on her, such as this unfinished cowl neck I found in my closet a few weeks ago. And she doesn't smell, always a plus. Maybe she's more of a mannequin than a dress form, but I like her all the same.


Yeah, there's a bit of a situation going on at the left side there. I need to tame that mess of cables.


The plan is to buy a dressform using the money my mom gave me last year to buy one. Since I will be at the American Sewing Expo later this week, I'm hoping a dressform vendor or two will be there so I can check out and feel up the dress forms. I like the idea of this $20 one, though, and I think I'll probably keep her even after getting a real form.

I didn't sew this weekend, and there won't be any sewing next weekend either, but that doesn't mean sewing isn't in the air! I'll be at the ASE at the end of the week, and on Tuesday there's a special sewing related surprise that I'll probably write about on Wednesday.

Oh, and here are this week's flowers from the Princeton Farmers Market. LOVE those zinnias--so red and healthy!
Princeton Farmers Market flowers

And I've been reading Tim Gunn's book
"Gunn's Golden Rules: Life's Little Lessons for Making it Work". It's not what I expected at all. It's pretty wild!

Good night!


  1. Well, hello, Emma! Welcome to Blogland. I think it's hilarious that you wrote you are going to feel up some dress forms. That 5th grader in me is having a field day!

  2. You could always pad her up to match your measurements :)

  3. Congrats! Something is always better than nothing!

  4. Oh a dressform for $20?! Nice score! The flowers are lovely!


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