Friday, December 31, 2010

My sewing hits and misses of 2010 & the evolution of my hair

New Year's Eve snuck up on me!  How did that happen??

Thanks everyone for your comments on my last post: the snow, the proper way to use FOE, the leaf shirt. I actually went against my word and wore the shirt to work, under a polar fleece, so just a hint of it was shown where the fleece was unzipped. I washed and dried the shirt and the part with the FOE is all wavy and wrinkly. Since the knit was so stretchy, I probably should have interfaced the sleeve at the edge first, before applying the FOE.

As for shoveling snow, my back slightly flared the next day and day after. Then I woke up at 2:30am this morning with brand new rib pain (this time it's the muscle between my last two ribs, according to my chiro, away from the spine, which is different than the rib pain in Oct 2009) and it is really painful to lie on my back. Sleeping on my side is ok, though it feels best to be upright (no pain at all, unless I laugh a certain way, ha ha!). I reminded myself, it was 2 weeks ago that I hurt my foot (which I didn't blog about because who wants to read about pain all the time?), and now that is all healed up, so hopefully the same goes for this rib issue.

I've really enjoyed reading everyone else's "2010 Year In Review" post. So I have 3 hours (eastern time) to squeeze in my own.

I surprised myself--I made 42 (magic number!) things this year: 10 shirts, 6 pj tops or bottoms, 2 jackets, 3 pieces of gym wear, 2 bags, 3 "cardigans", 13 dresses, and 3 pieces of underwear.  I've made some pillowcases and aprons for my mom which I  haven't counted.

My 2010 sewing hits (and the evolution of my hair):
1. The Burda (Oct 2005 pattern) shirt. I *love* this shirt. The fit is great, the color is great, and I've figured out how to drape the collar the way I want. Recently someone I don't know asked me where I bought this shirt, and said it's a great color for me. Made my day! This is also the shirt where I learned twin needle stitching, my big big love. And it's my first (and only) Burda. I wear this shirt almost weekly in the appropriate seasons (spring and fall).
Burda oct 2005 done
2. Simplicity 2508 corduroy jacket. I just love this jacket and wear it a lot during the appropriate spring and fall seasons. I love the bias detailing on the back tab and sleeves.  If you want to make a lined jacket but are afraid to try it, this is a great one!  It's mostly straight lines, and the sleeves are raglan, so no sleeves to set in.
Simplicity 2508 DONE:   hand on hip

Love the lining too:
Simplicity 2508 DONE:  flasher shot

3. I made a lot of dresses but this is my favorite, Simplicity 2473, a Project Run(a)way dress.  You can tell it's a fav 'cuz of the smug look on my face:
Simplicity 2473 DONE
But I'm also a fan of NewLook 6069, Mad Men dress:
New Look 6069 view B/C hybrid
Simplicity 2766, the Superman dress:
Simplicity 2766 view A done
and Vogue 8379, which I made in black but I prefer the red:
Vogue 8379 fixed
Also love NewLook 6922, Audrey Hepburn dress. I made it in three colors but like the black version the best:
New Look 6922 view C-ish done
4. Favorite bag: the Simplicity 8331 Santa bag inspired by Gwen. I've had two different people at two different places ask where I bought it. When I responded that I made it, one of them asked if I was selling them because she'd buy one "in a heartbeat":
Simplicity 8331 inspired by Gwen at
5. I branched out into making underwear using Antoinette's make your own undies tutorial. So much fun!
cherry undies

Misses of 2010:
Well, nothing tops the Star Trek dress of 2009 for failures in my book, but here goes:

1. Wow, this looks better in the picture than I remember in real life, but this picture is deceptive. When I sit down, the top opens up and my chest is totally on display. I think I might give up on cross over tops like this one. Plus it needs a serious swayback adjustment, and is too tight around my butt.   However, it was because of this dress that I found MushyWear, a blog I adore!
New Look 6936 View B

2. Looks ok in the photo, but after washing it, the neckline got very weird. I had preshrunk the fabric; maybe I needed to preshrink a few times.
Vogue 2945

3. I made this dress twice in two different sizes and it still doesn't feel comfortable in the chest.  It's so funny how on some styles my small chest is an asset; in others it's a bust (ha ha!  pun!)
Simplicity 3742 view B in size 12

4. I hate the cowl on this, the V seems to be getting lower with each wearing. I think my expression says it all. Plus I just folded the SA over and sewed on the armhole. It actually flips out to the right side, sigh.
New Look 6981 view A done

5. New Look 6748. I hate it. It's too big, I think it's frumpy, and  I feel like the tie is like apron strings.
New Look 6748 on top with NL 6936 bottom, and NL6803 belt

If you want to, check out my Epic Win of 2009 post from last year, and my Epic Fails of 2009 post (includes the Star Trek dress) as well.  I was much, much funnier then.  :)

I'm going to review my "goals" and "what I learned" this year separately in the new year!

Happy New Year everyone and thank you for reading, commenting, and encouraging me.   I've learned a lot from you.   For many I feel like you are a friend even though I've never met you!

Wishing you and your families your happiest and especially healthiest year ever in 2011.  See you in the New Year!


  1. Kyle- you had some wonderful success in 2010. I love all your dresses! I need to go find the patterns! Happy new year!

  2. You made some great stuff and even your failures look really great (are you sure they're failures??)

    Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year.

  3. Big sewing year for you! Celebrate the successes and learn what you can from the ones that didn't work. And have a fantastic 2011! Happy New Year!

  4. I had to have a notepad to write down all your hits' pattern numbers. Even your misses made my list. Happy New Year!

  5. You ended up with a terrific selection of successes! And thanks for the link to Mushywear -- it looks great!

    Happy new year!

  6. My goodness, I am so impressed! I remember most of them. My favorite is the jacket and the cute lining. I have never attempted a jacket, much too scary.

  7. Great retrospective! You really had some successes this year. Looking forward to more in 2011!

  8. Happy New Year! You made some lovely dresses in 2010! Looking forward to seeing what you make in 2011.

  9. The New Look Mad Men and the Simplicity with the gorg topstitching are my faves in your round up- but they all look great!

  10. Sorry I missed this post when you posted it! Ha ha. But I really enjoyed seeing what you made this year, and since I wasn't following your blog last year, it was a lot of fun to see all the neat things you made in 09 as well. I love that white pillow! I can see why you smile every time you look at it. Have another wonderful sewing year!!!


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