Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It feels like ages...

...since I've blogged.

First, my NZ bloggers, are you all ok?  I'm looking at you Mary Nanna and Miss Smith.  I read about the earthquake this morning and hope you and your families are ok.

I'm on vacation all this week, to try to help my body heal itself.  Thanks for all your warm wishes, I really appreciate them.  My ab is slowly healing, but it's heading in the right direction!   I wake up just once during the night now, and driving over bumps in the road is not a big deal anymore.  I'm still wearing stretchy gym pants all the time; it's just more comfortable.  The pain is intermittent.

So for being on vacation, I've been doing lots of chores...
Day 1: A set of new grippy tires for my car
my new tires
Tread, I love thee.
Also, the snow has finally melted to the point I can use the passenger side of my car again, first time after 6 weeks! 

Day 2: I did my taxes and got a haircut.  My new bottom freezer fridge arrived. This is such a huge win for my back. It's so easy to see everything in the fridge, and to put things into and get things out of the fridge. My Brita water pitcher is no longer a struggle.
my new fridge

Day 3: Acupuncture, trip to library, and cooking!  Also walked on the treadmill at the gym and talked with my gym friends.

Grilled cheese and ham on wheat with scrambled eggs and broccoli for lunch:
grilled cheese & ham on wheat with scrambled eggs and broccoli

Chicken cordon bleu from Cook This Not That 2011.  I don't have an official meat pounder thing so I used a sturdy glass jar, it worked very well.
chicken cordon bleu from Eat This Not That 2011

Minestrone from Cook This Not That 2011:
minestrone from Eat This Not That 2011

"creamed" spinach made with Greek yogurt.  The left side is done properly; the right side I messed up.
"creamed" spinach made with Greek yogurt

I actually cooked after having dinner last night, so tonight I had the chicken--really good, and that sauce is excellent!  I'll try the minestrone tmw night.

Day 4:
Passport photos in the morning. Lunch with Christine. An afternoon at Joann, the big one in Colonia that I prefer:
my new patterns and sewing gauge
I really don't need more skirts, but this one I couldn't pass up.  I bought navy blue sweatshirt material to make sleep pants, but wouldn't a sweatshirt skirt be cute? 
I like the saucy little leggings in 6034 with the rouching. Thanks to Vanessa for featuring this pattern on her blog a few weeks back.  I'm a little worried, though.  The hip on the biggest size in the envelope is pretty much my hip size.  They might be too tight?  but that's just the style--look at the model!!

I think I will actually get to sew a little toward the end of this week.
Finally I bought myself a sewing gauge.

I took a big nap late this afternoon.  So nice!    I hope to have more fun and less chores the rest of this week, but we'll see!!
Hope all is well in your worlds!


  1. Thank you yes Kyle we are all Ok but it is such a horrific thing - for the people of Christchurch it is especially traumatic. Recovery will be a long journey, something I feel you understand very well. Glad to hear your week off is going well, and I'm seeing some super cute outfits in your future.

  2. So glad you checked in. Looks like you have some fun new patterns to look forward to. Glad you are seeing some relief from the weather and the pain! Take care you!

  3. All your food looks yummy! I have been wondering what you've been up to! Those are some great patterns, I know you will make some great garments when you are feeling up to it.

  4. Wow! What a great new fridge/freezer. It looks like mine! And yes, it's so nice not to have to bend down for the OJ, etc. My freezer has some storage issues, but it's a very early version and the newer ones I've seen are much better. Glad to hear you are enjoying a week off - sounds like you are making good use of it.

  5. Sounds like you've had a busy vaca, so far. I love your food photos. I need to check into the "Make This" cookbook(s), although since I'm a vegetarian, I tend to buy only veggie cookbooks. Keep feeling better.


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