Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday night food

Thanks for your kind words about my non-hernia news!  I am so so so relieved!  I saw my primary care doc on Friday for my annual physical.  He seemed pretty surprised about the pelvic kidney, though it was there on the MRI report I gave him last year on my initial visit to him.  He said it must be pretty close to the front of the body.  I'm still having trouble sleeping through the night so he gave me a stronger anti-inflammatory.  Finally, some drugs!  Normally I am not a drug person but I am ready for them now.  You folks with kids, I don't know how you can work sleep deprived.  It's been almost 2 weeks for me now of non-normal sleep and I don't like feeling like I'm in a daze.

So I find that when I sew in a rush as opposed to sewing at a leisurely pace, my garments suffer as a result.  Tonight, I learned the same lesson with cooking.

brown rice pilaf with mushrooms from the Flat Belly Diet cookbook
That's brown rice pilaf with mushrooms from the Flat Belly Diet cookbook. I threw in the carrots because I have some left over from last week. I rushed the rice with this one and let's say the rice has some bite! also, this truly is a side dish. It needs some more vegetables to bulk it out.

Chicken Pad Thai from the Flat Belly Diet Cookbook
That's Chicken Pad Thai from the same cookbook. Actually this tastes like pad thai, which shocked me! As I was rushing my way through this I thought there would be no way this was going to taste like pad thai.  I wish I had bought those little miniature corn cobs; I didn't think about it til I was cooking. The recipe doesn't call for them but I *love* them. And water chestnuts. Ok, next time! The carrots aren't in the recipe either but I had to use some up!  And I love the smell of limes.  They remind me of when I was little and my dad would drink gin and tonic and let me have a slice of lime.

Oh, and here was dinner last night:
scrambled eggs, broccolini, and valentine's napkin
I love scrambled eggs. The broccolini is actually from Olives in Princeton. Isn't the Valentine napkin a nice touch?

I also mashed some sweet potatoes tonight too but forgot to take a picture.  Maybe tomorrow.

My fridge is dying so I have a lot of fridge cleaning-out to do this week!

Here's my Princeton Public Library book pile for this week:
Princeton library books 2/12/11

8 Weeks to Optimum Health by Andrew Weil (middle of pile) is fantastic.  I'm really enjoying that one.  That first book on the pile is to balance out all the serious reading I'm doing.

Hope you are healthy and happy, are pain-free, and getting good quality sleep!


  1. I have that Andrew Weil book as well, but have never read it. You've prompted me to take a look at it...Thanks!

  2. aah I hope you get some sleep soon - nothing worse than sleep deprivation, I couldn't bear it.

    I really hope you find some way out of the terrible physical situation you find yourself in. I can't imagine what it must be like to have these recurring battles. I take my good health for granted.

  3. You are very young to have such physical problems. I do hope your doctors find a solution for you, so you can live pain-free, and sleep well.

  4. I wonder if you've tried fish oil supplements? I started taking it at the recommendation of a nutritionist a year ago. I think it's help with some inflammation issues that I have. I asked my primary care for a nutritionist referral and she was happy to give me one. The nutritionist I saw was great! Glad to see you are enjoying cooking and also glad about the non-hernia news!


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