Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vacation day 5

First off, so glad to hear Mary Nanna and her crew are ok in NZ!  And thanks everyone for your kind words.

So, how could I forget to post this picture from day 4: my favorite cupcakes from LaBon bakery? It's on the way to the Joann's in Colonia. Their frosting is SO GOOD:
La Bon cupcake

Vacation day 5:
Top Chef night! Is anyone watching it? How cute was it the week that I made chicken pot pie, that Wed night Carla (my favorite next to Fabio) won with her chicken pot pie???

Today was passport renewal day, lunch with a former coworker, and an early afternoon buying a new dryer which won't be delivered til March 6. I really really wanted one of those red dryers advertised on tv all the time, but alas, it will not fit in my laundry closet.  I also got a price adjustment on the fridge I bought last week--very exciting!

I'm getting closer to sewing something! It might actually happen soon!

I registered for Sewing Pattern Review weekend Chicago today. If you're going, now's the time to get on it.

Oh, and I took a nap today. Another glorious nap.  and a walk outside.  I love being home during the day. I could definitely get used to this!!

Spring, it's coming:
4:30 pm ish, 2/23/11 
Good night!


  1. I'm watching TopChef right now. I like the cooking reality shows, especially if Gordon Ramsey is on them.

  2. Wow! All you snow is nearly melted. I think we are going to get slammed again tomorrow and we still haven't melted the January snows! Glad you hear your week off is going so well!

  3. Enjoy the rest of your vacation and luckily you don't have to go anywhere tomorrow when it's suppose to rain ALL Day!

    Glad to hear that you received a good report from the drs. Rest is the best medicine in my book!

    But mostly I can't believe that you drive all the way to Colonia to the craft store. I use to love that place especially when it was Cloth World. Do they still have a lot of fabric or do they have alot of junk too?

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  4. How relaxing! I am going to my first cupcakerie next week and am EXCITED! I hope to find some great flavors there!


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