Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snow on the beach, food, ice storm pix

So my primary care doctor thinks my strained ab muscle is actually a hernia. I see a surgeon on Wednesday to disprove that theory!

Snow on the beach
I went to Sea Girt last Sunday 1/30/11 to see the snow on the beach.
Onto the beach!

Seagull line up on the boardwalk:
sea gull line up

Looking north up the boardwalk: Left to right:  Sea Girt lighthouse, pavilion, and beach

Looking north on the Sea Girt boardwalk.  From left to right:  Sea Girt lighthouse, pavilion, and beach.

Ice Storm
On Groundhog Day we had an ice storm; 10am delayed opening!
Groundhog day ice storm 2/2/11

Groundhog day ice storm 2/2/11

Food photos:
Chicken pot pie from Eat This, Not That (2010 edition). I made it tonight. I'd say it's the most delicious dish I've made this year!
Chicken pot pie from Eat This, Not That 2/6/11
Chicken pot pie from Eat This, Not That 2/6/11

I made chicken fried rice from Eat This, Not That (2010 edition) again tonight too. The bowls are my new pyrex bowls but I can't get the gray lid on either bowl. Hrm.
Chicken fried rice (again) from Eat This, Not That 2/6/11

From 1/25/11, Chicken Piccata from Now Eat This by Rocco DiSpirito. Until the chicken pot pie, the chicken piccata was the most delicious food I'd made this year. It tastes just like chicken piccata from Bertucci's.
chicken piccata from "Now Eat This" by Rocco Dispirito 1/25/11

Amy's minestrone from 400 Calorie Fix 1/26/11.  It went much better cooking the sausage the second time.
Amy's Minestrone Soup from 400 calorie fix  take 2, 1/26/11

I'd like to thank Mother Nature for the 40+ degree temperature and abundant sunshine today. I was able to take a nice long walk and hear the snow melting.  Thank you!


  1. wow, those snow shots are really beautiful - and so far away from our heat wave!

  2. Amazing snow pictures!
    It's hard to imagine snow at the beach, ever but you have proof!

  3. You take beautiful photos. Snow on the beach is unique. Snow, not so unique here in MI. Your food always makes me want to cook, even though I don't like to. They make me want to eat even more!

  4. Those dishes you made look wonderful, especially the chicken pot pie! BTW, I also have the Pyrex bowls with lids and I LOVE them! Pyrex makes my life so much easier!

  5. Wow, what a beautiful opening photograph you've posted. How strange to see seagulls perched above the snow. I do hope you get good news from the surgeon. I absolutely love homemade chicken pot pie. I don't make it near enough. Yours looks yummy!

  6. You got some great shots!

    I've been meaning to mention re: back pain--I don't know what kind you have, but mine is mostly sacroiliac with a little sciatica thrown in. The pain feels like the source is structural, but it definitely manifests in really tight muscles as well. Anyway, I tried one of the new kind of "shiatsu" homedics massagers and immediately bought one. I got the lumbar cushion--under $35 with coupon at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I lay it on my bed and then lay down on top of it and stay in one spot as long as I can stand it before moving to the next. For the first two weeks my back was tender to even the brush of clothing against it, as the machine was working out knots that had been tensing and densifying for YEARS. I've now been using it about 6 weeks for 20 minutes every night and have seen a huge, gigantic improvement in my back pain. It is 90% gone and I can stand for longer than 20 minutes without suffering for days afterward. I don't know if it would help or if you've tried a massage machine already, but I wanted to share in case it helps. I cannot believe the difference it has made for me. I also can't believe I've been living with pain that is apparently so treatable for so long! I will eventually probably upgrade to the full back massager (the kind that drapes over a chair). If you want to go there first be sure to get the Homedics 300 series--in the 200 series the shiatsu balls go up and down the entire back continuously and can't be stopped. The 300 series allows you to keep the shiatsu balls in one place. For a person with real back pain, you definitely need to be able to keep them in one place to concentrate the massage/myofascial release. Not affiliated with or compensated by the company!


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